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  • Erin Haggerty

Well Well.... Shocked!

Hey all!

It is not often that I go out of my way to review a book immediately after I finish it.... or out of order cause my brain just doesn't handle that b.s. well. BUT..... I gotta talk about Dark Skies. Gotta. Have to. IT MUST BE DONE.

This book was a shock to the system. While Dark Shores started slow and was hard to invest in.... Dark Skies from the gate was like BAM! Lydia and Killian both pulled me in before they even found each other in the book and I from page one was wanting to know more about each of them.... Getting them together.... I couldn't stop. I was super worried about the chemistry between characters because Marcus and Tatiana were so so so slow burn in their story. But this was a hot forbidden sizzle from the get go. Their back and forth was beautifully written with there being sass but a mutual respect for each other. I cannot say enough about my adoration for these two.

The description of this world.... I am shook. Again I ended up super enjoying Dark Shores. The vivid details of the water and the world and all that were stellar and I really felt like I was on the islands or in the water and on the battle field. This book took it to a whole new level. The creatures called deimos alone are so well described that I had a very intense nightmare about them the other night. The writing in general in this book is so easy to enjoy and comprehend that the story comes to life within moments of opening up the pages.

Not only that but to structure a story to run parallel to a plot already formed and written is challenging mind you these two books have no overlap in characters besides a very very brief convo with Bait. But you still feel and see the connection between Tatiana and Lydia and the plot points.

While Dark Shores was a good book, its sister story Dark Skies has captured me and left me on an intense book hangover and I think I'm going to struggle the rest of this month now.... Why? Why does this happen? I gave Dark Skies five stars for sure. Hands down one of my most anticipated reads/most dreaded because I was so worried I wouldn't love Lydia. I was wrong Lydia is my girl and torturous love is literally my bread and butter.

Guys make sure you are staying safe and keep reading. I will see you next time with a review from one of the last few books of April instead of May because hey. It's my blog and I can do what I want to.... Right?

These pages take me places and I cannot wait to see where I go next!

All my love!


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