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Well Well... 2021... & Other Things

Hey what's up HELLO all.

It has been a long time.... a very very long time. But I am here jumping two feet back into things and I'm ready and raring to go. So let's start with some house keeping things.

2020 ended a rather rough chapter for me personally. There was so much happy during the year overall for me. Marrying my best friend. Starting renovations and readying for a move. Talks of babies and the future. Really getting to work on my overall mental health and let me tell you... that was a doozy. But within all that good was a lot of darkness. Quarantine was spent alone because my husband still traveled as he is considered essential. And me being an introvert forced to stay away from people I love.... it was lonely. So I buried myself in wedding plans... that had already been cancelled once. Escaped into books for the pure joy of it versus sharing everything on here or booksta.... etc. And really had to try to find my happy. But we made it. So here's a toast to the new year almost a full month late. And for once my anxiety isn't ricocheting around the room telling me what I am producing isn't enough. I'm taking back what gives me the warm fuzzies and it start's here!

So now that we've gotten that out of the way!

Here is my first official book review for 2021!

Ladies and gentleman.....

.....Once Repeat Forever.... G. S. Pendergast....

So let's start with saying this book was my first from the now endless stream of TikTok recommendations that have sucked the money right out of my wallet. And I picked it up for three reasons...

  1. I already owned the book.

  2. Two of my all time favorite Booktoker's read it in tandem and RAVED about it.

  3. It was billed as Beauty and the Beast meets Aliens.... in Canada. And y'all know I am a complete sucker for a retelling.

Now here's the issue.... We either weren't reading the same book or something is truly wrong with me.

Let me show my work. That is not to say this book wasn't good in it's own right. But for me it left a lot to be desired.

I really loved the concept of this book and it's plot as well. Alien invasion and mass murdering of humans. Teens left to fend on their own. Mood twin brothers' one murdered within the first couple of chapters. All of these plot points really gave the book momentum which it needed.... because the first hundred pages of this were.... painfully... slow. It felt like it took forever for our main set of character's, being Raven and her crew from summer camp, to make any sort of decisions or to do anything. And when they did finally get going it felt like a lot of scenes were repeating but tweaked here and there. And while we would get pages and pages of Raven content.... Eighth aka August as the book continues on gets very little until halfway through the book. But my biggest issue with the plot is mainly we walk away from the story still knowing very little about the invading alien race. We are given a few facts besides the idea that they are darting humans for some unknown reason... but if the ending hadn't gone down how Pendergast had structured it... I don't think I would be going back for book two.... But that ending though.... was enough to save it.

The other thing I really struggled with in this book was Raven's character in general. Now I take about half of that responsibility onto myself because.... she's a teen with trauma and that automatically makes for a hard edged personality. But the other fifty percent of the issues stem from the fact that she felt ....boarder line two dimensional for me. Like we know she has some issues which stem from her racial background but other then that I feel like I know very little about her and any sort of her backstory which mean I can't pull any reason out for wanting to like her. I felt like I had more of a connection to August and that character can't even talk.

Now overall I gave this book a three and half star rating because I genuinely do think there are some really good things happening in this book. Definitely some lessons being learned and growth in characters. But I am going to continue to read this series purely because Pendergast knew what she was doing when she wrote that ending.... and I NEED to know what happens next. I totally recommend this book to anyone who enjoys science fiction dumbed down it felt like a younger X-files moment.

Theses pages take me place! And I already have part of my next review written so you will soon know where I went next!

All my love!


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