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WARNING: New Obsession Alert.

Sup everyone!

I am going to make this clear up front. This book series is everything to me... After finishing Find Me Their Bones.... I feel energized to read again for the first time in a really long time. Sara Wolf has brought to life a true masterpiece. Find Me Their Bones release today! November 5th and it you are on your way to the book store to pick up anything you need to pick up either Bring Me Their Hearts or Find Me Their Bones.... or both. Do it.... do it now.

This review will probably contain spoilers for both Bring Me Their Hearts and Find Me Their Bones.... I will try and keep it to a minimum but.... I haven't gotten to do the booktube rant so.... I have A LOT to say about this series so far. There is still one book left.... and I feel empty knowing I will be waiting for it for a bit.... So yeah.

Lets dive in!

Sara Wolf brings us into a whole new world where witches can create Heartless by taking the heart from a human basically making said human a slave. I did touch on this a bit in the BMTH review so I'm gonna jump straight to the end of that and the beginning of this one...

At the end of BMTH we are introduced to a character we thought long dead which will be the catalyst to this book and probably the other. Wolf's characters have so much going on and have an insane amount of depth that makes me as a reader only want to know more. In this book we see Zera attempting to push away Lucien in every manner possible all while secretly harboring all the feelings that she shouldn't have because she's a heartless. She is in boxed into a situation in which once again she has the opportunity to get her heart back once again... but we see her struggle with the idea an alarming amount. Getting it back means she's human again and therefore can die. But as human she can have a life and a family and... Lucien? She also bonds with a creature who like her is used as a tool and feared greatly... It's an amazing character shift to see her vulnerable and warm. She really has to separate herself from those she was close to in the first book which I think says a lot about Sara's writing and Zera's character. To have to build new relationships with new characters and change her old ones as intensely as she wrote is a juggling act for sure.

The other really great factor to this book is the factor of the witch lore that being told in hope to find the answers to resolving the issues between witches and humans. The concept of the Bone Tree and how it was used once before to bring the two worlds together but the risks and sacrifices it takes to harness its power.... I think really could have gotten to be to much and could have been muddled easily. Wolf writes the whole thing flawlessly with an attention to the detail that makes the reader remember the song and the magic that comes with it all. And I loved the fact that more then one character knew of the idea of this Tree. It wasn't this heavy guarded secret... Mind you not everyone believes....

I am greatly obsessed with Fione and Lucien as well. Fione has a much larger role in this book being that she is the lover of the character that is brought back from the dead. So we see her face a lot of fears as well as kind of come into herself more and find her footing and her stance on things regardless of her feelings. It's also enlightening to put Zera and her next to each other because even with be two very extremely different personalities they are comparable in a lot of ways. Lucien in this book really becomes less of an enigma and his relationship with Zera tugs at my heartstrings every chance it gets. Although I now wonder if his affection for her is borderline obsessive (in a protection kind of way). Wolf has an amazing way of creating tension between characters but also showcasing each of their tiny tells.

I am so obsessed with the turn that comes at the end of this read as well. Wolf manages to give her readers just enough to grasp in hopes to make a connections and guide us to answers. Without making it blatantly obvious and that is an important skill for any writer to have. It can literally make of break a story.

Overall this was another five star read for me.... I cannot wait not see where this storyline goes next. I am so over the moon about the ending of this book and am going to be selling to anyone who asks my opinion. And hey I really didn't do anything SUPER spoilery! GO ME.

These pages take me places and I cannot wait to see where we go next!!

Thank you all!

All my best!




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