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  • Erin Haggerty

Waiting for it.... Waiting for it....

Hey what's up hello!!

Welcome back to another review with me! Erin! *cues soft violin music and pulls out teacup* JUST KIDDING... I'm not that classy! Obviously considering some of my choice in dirty romance books. *eyebrow waggle* I'm feeling some kinda way today as you can tell! But lets jump into why you're here!

This review is over Waiting on Tom Hanks by Kerry Winfrey. This book was kinda just run of the mill for me. Nothing about it really stood out and set it apart from all the romances I read last month. Now that's not to say that it wasn't a good read it just really doesn't stand out from the group. Kerry Winfrey does a good job of creating a back and forth between Annie and Drew but I really felt like it was a high school romance versus two people falling deeply in love. The writing overall was average as well including that the adult scenes were more cute then super lusty.

I also think that part of the issue for me was that I genuinely wasn't into Annie. I felt super annoyed by her for at least 75% of the book. She spends all her time waiting for her rom com romantic story and was super unrealistic in what she wanted from a suitor. I mean even her best friend is consistently telling her she's ridiculous for asking a dude if he has a houseboat... Come on... Anyway she gets a wake up call towards the end of the story which altered her character a bit and I started to wonder if I would enjoy her more with her feet on the ground. But.... then she got her happily ever after while pronouncing her love for Drew on television.... in cheetah print.... so it is what it is.

Breaking it down I gave it 3 stars because I really didn't love it but it gave me no reason to hate it. I think that I will really enjoy book two when it released because I really did enjoy her bestie and her chemistry with her boss! So I will be sticking around for this series even with me not being in love with the first book!

That's it! I'm done here!

These pages take me places! And I cannot wait to see where I get to go next!

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