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  • Erin Haggerty

This Was Defiantly No Repeat.

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So this is a review for Kylie Scott's latest release entitled Repeat. Overall I enjoyed this book although it is not one of my favorites by her. Unfortunately I think that because I have read a lot of traumatic brain injury stories recently so its kinda become an annoying trope all of a sudden... I do however like some of the unique quirks in the main characters relationship and the ending of the book. I enjoyed the chemistry between Clem and Ed and the fact they had a previous relationship and lots of history. Especially being that the accident Clem experiences is what draws her back to Ed to discover what pulled them apart. The ending was something that I suspected but was well executed and well written! Bitches be crazy. This story also works through recognizing your flaws and dealing with insecurities in relationships which is something I know so many people can relate to.And that differences in couples can result in wonderful and passionate love. And that sometimes second chances are worth giving. And a reminder that no one is perfect.... I need that every one in awhile!

Not only that but Clem ends up working in a bookstore.... WHICH IS THE DREAM!

I gave the story a 3.5 stars because it read well and was nice and steamy. Kylie Scott does steamy well. It was also a real easy read which I enjoy because you can breeze through the chapters and enjoy the story quickly or at a slower pace.

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