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This Is What Dreams Are Made Of!

Hey all!

Its been a minute and I am so so so so so late on getting this review up on the page for everyone.... which is an absolute shame because this book *SPOILER* is a true phenomena! Today I'm gonna be breaking down the joy that is Reverie by Ryan La Sala! I won this book from a giveaway on Instagram and man. I am so psyched that it just fell into my lap the way it did because it was magical.

Lets break it down!

Before talking about all the great qualities of this book, I'm gonna give you a quick breakdown of the plot and attempt to not be spoilery while doing so. Here I go. So. The main character is Kane who in the beginning of the book has suffered from an accident but remembers next to nothing. He is then approached by a doctor who promises to make the repercussions of his actions go away if he opens up about what he rememberers as he remembers things. At this point he slowly begins to piece things together with the help of "The Others" who claim their were once his friends. Kane then realizes like the Others he has powers to help unravel the dreams of people that manifest and become almost like a worm hole that absorbs everything and transports it into a fantasy world. These are called Reveries and when they follow their plot line they are not dangerous... if they don't things get crazy. So this book follows Kane as he gathers more and more information on who he was before the accident and there are some pretty wild moments and intensely wonderful plot twists that caused this book to one of my favorite reads this year. And here's why

Alright there were soooooo many reasons to love this book. It was wildly imaginative first off. La Sala not only creates an insane magic system but also throws together multiple dream worlds for a bunch of characters. His description of each and every "reverie" as they are referred as in the book is so intense and wonderful that I felt as if I was actually apart of the dream itself. He has the ability to paint a remarkably real feeling scene even though you in a fantasy of someones sub conscious. This was an extremely strong debut for this author as a whole for me. Not only was it creative but it was modern bringing in concepts like the LGBT community as well as bullying and breaking down stereotypes. I could go on and on about Ryan La Sala as a writer because this book was an absolute shock to the system. The concept of this book is so unlike anything I have read in the fact that it is headed by the concept of people and their most intimate thoughts.... Because honestly my dreams can get a little nutty so this book just called to me.

Another thing I really really enjoyed about this read was the way La Sala grew and altered the relationships in this book. With Kane not having a memory of his friends it makes for a very interesting and sometimes unpleasant story arc. There is literally moments where you want to shake Kane for being impulsive while your heart is screaming that you would feel the sting of betrayal just as strongly. The book itself pulls at your heart strings and reminds you that no one is perfect no matter what power you possess. There are so many layers to what happened that lead to the events of Kane's memory loss and how his friends are involved that it generates an amazing inner conflict in the middle of the much larger scope of things. It complicates the plot just enough to distract the reader into the next turn to be blown away again.

Overall I had to give Reverie by Ryan La Sala five stars because I was literally blown away. I finished and went to put the book down completely happy with the ending and super impressed that he could close the story so completely. This book had a little bit of everything and I loved it thoroughly.

Thanks for stopping in and checking out another one of my reviews! I am literally turning around and popping out another review over A Heart So Fierce & Broken now so stay tuned!

These pages take me places and obviously with the other review you'll see here in a second you know where I went next!

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