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Alright... I am super excited to write this because.... I LOVE WRITING THINGS THAT ARE CONTROVERSIAL! YASSSSSSSS! This review is over Escaping From Houdini or book three in the Stalking Jack the Ripper series by Kerri Maniscalco. This is going to be a very interesting review for me because while I was expecting from all the reviews I read that I was gonna HATE it. But.... I didn't... at all. Even with the Cresswell/Audrey Rose bullshit that goes down in this book. I really enjoyed a lot about it! This will also be such a hard review to write without getting suppppper spoilery... so... I'll try. ALSO... I read Becoming the Dark Prince which is a novella that is billed with EFH but is told from Thomas's POV so a lot of these points will tie the two stories together!

So let dive in!

First off. I think that while I don't think we see as much of our dynamic duo together since the plot is what it is, we see a lot of changes in Wadsworth. A lot o maturing for Audrey. This book really gives her a chance to become more of person who is flawed and less of just member of a super amazing OTP. The audience gets to see more of her thoughts and feelings on her life as well as her relationship with Thomas as whole. And these moments while unfortunate really bring a lot of things into focus for her. And I think while we are all upset that these things hurt our fave cinnamon roll... they need to happen to not ensure their future together but to give AR closure on some of her more deep seated fears. Thomas symbolizes a very specific future. And while there are definitely a lot of pros that come with him... the idea of freedom of the chains of expectation that comes with going back to London is also something to be considered. We have seen Audrey struggle in the first two books with the "norms" of being a woman in this day and age and what is expected of ladies. So the lure of the carnival and its magic symbolizes the freedom of starting over and being EXACTLY who she wants to be with no strings attached. A nod to Thomas and his BTDP is he also goes through a minor transformation and we see him really dig deep into who he is and how he can defeat his inner demons and conquer them. As well as him working through the whole Audrey problem and what is really happening behind closed doors. If you haven't read BTDP..... I suggest it because while I don't condone a lot of things AR does in EFH I think you see a lot more when seeing it both lights.

Also...side note... AR is seventeen. I don't know about any of you.... but at seventeen I was a mess.... that is all.

These books' plots.... were so much more intense. With the tarots and all the performers and the side drama. It all felt so much more lively than Hunting Prince Dracula. There is a very somewhat petty reason behind these deaths but the flash and awe of the carnival really gives the story some extra oomph! I also applaud any book written with its setting being on a boat.... because it limits so much. I also loved the addition of some characters and it really gave the book a more fast moving plot. Not only that but we all got that longing feeling of a heart being torn in two. We are able to miss someone we all love because of some of the situations in this book and I think we come out loving that character even more at the end.

This was the first book in this series I didn't have some inkling about near the end. I loved flipping between person to person and thinking it had to be them..... I was never right....l not once. AND THAT ENDING.... THE FREAKING FEELS!

I gave Escaping from Houdini four stars and am totally throwing shade at everyone who is shaming this book because and I quote... "this book destroyed such a pure love and I cannot believe anyone would ever think someone could be forgiven after this kind of behavior...."..... Its called talking things out like an adult..... yeah.

These pages take me places and I cannot wait to see where I go next.... I'll be sitting over here cuddling my Cresswell because..... I'm still not over the ending of this.

All my love!


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