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This Book Left Me Ravenous For More!

Sup yo?!

We're back! And I've got a review for you that will be short and sweet because if you know me.... You know how much I love Helen Hardt and her Steel Brother's series. Now I'm going to attempt to play both sides of the fence on this review because even though I LOVE this series. This book itself was not my favorite in the series. So! Without further ado....

This review is over Ravenous by Helen Hardt.... There will be spoilers.

So if you haven't read the rest of this series way to much has happened (as there are 8 books at this point) and you might as well not enjoy this review. But Marj and Bryce are not my favorite couple in this series. Now that is not to say I don't like them or won't finish their books but I find them.... frustrating in a way that I didn't find the brothers and their love interests. Bryce is I believe 8 years Marjorie's senior which I don't knock. But he is also older as has a child. Now Bryce's father is a sick sick man as we all know but that is effecting Bryce in the fact that he...

1. Has a son of his own.

2. Remembers his father as a good man and struggles with that knowing now he wasn't in the slightest.

3. Has remembered that him and Joe were with his dad when one of their friends "died" but they don't remember anything else and the boy's family just vanished.

Now I have held on with this series from the beginning with the ups and the downs. The crazy moments, the really unbelievable coincidences and all that because I enjoyed the chemistry between the characters. Is this series realistic in the fact it could happen and does? Yes. Is this series realistic in the fact that all the people have begun pairing off and are also all involved in the same drama? No. So when Bryce and Marjorie got together being that he is her brother's best friend I was excited because.... IT FELT LIKE IT COULD ACTUALLY HAPPEN! Just like Talon and Jade. Joe and Melanie... is also fairly realistic. But I realllllllllly struggled with the Ruby/Ryan pairing because the idea that you get the cop whose father happened to work with the guys your dad went high school with and are all running the same sex slave ring..... felt reallllllllly forced. Even though I adored them as a couple it was hard to look around and just be like, AH it happens. But back to the point. Bryce and Marj feel.... off. Their chemistry is good and obviously Hardt knows how to write a sex scene but... I haven't really enjoyed there will they won't they oh they are relationship roller coaster. Bryce has a lot going on emotionally and is so hot and cold and sometimes it just gets eye roll worthy. Marj.... I'm sad to say I don't love her like I was expecting to. I know all of these characters are "damaged" from the abductions and craziness of all the relationships and connections and yada yada. But for Marjorie to handle it by self harming was a shocker for me. Only because though out the series she has been a constant of even headed but emotional. And with Ryan only being her half brother and her creation being the reason Talon gets kidnapped she turns to cutting... but has sought out help for it but is now back to it.... It all just felt rushed and like she just needed to be hurting and dealing with it in a taboo way like all of the brothers. I am slowly coming back around to liking her especially once her and Bryce found their footing. But man I was worried for a bit...

All that being said. I STILL LOVE THIS SERIES AND THIS AUTHOR SO MUCH. Helen Hardt creates a web of intensely hot and passionate love affairs that are shrouded with mystery and hurt. And man does this woman know how to write a scene that will turn you you on and make your toes curl. This is literally my favorite author when it comes to the adult scenes. The chemistry between every pairing is so intoxicating and raw in more then just the physical way. They help each other rebuild themselves from the ground up and tend to the scars and wounds left from their horrific pasts and they love each other unconditionally. These characters are also true examples of how love can heal all wounds and can make you stronger as a human. And while Marjorie's story is not my favorite I do still have a major attachment to her and her well being and its crushing me that her character is struggling the way she is. Bryce I want so badly for him to get help because I have grown frustrated with the hate he feels for basically everything and I want him to get it together and be the man he can be. My feelings are so entangled in all of the characters and I JUST CAN'T HANDLE THE ENDING. This isn't the first time Hardt has left us with a cliffhanger. Its not the first time she's left us with the cliffhanger of someone being vanishing either. But for some reason I am comple3tely and utterly tore up that Marjorie is gone. This book was filled to the brim with twists and turns and I have plotted out in my head how I'm envisioning this working out!


DOMINIC IS TOTALLY JOE AND BRYCE'S FRIEND THAT "DIED". . But I think that Bryce's dad didn't actually kill him but drugged him and raised him and groomed him to be sick and twisted like he was! No I haven't figured out how the Morse's fit in but I think he might be the last three books that have been announced in the series.... Mind you I don't think there needs to be anymore at this point.

But I gave this book three point five stars because I love how these characters love each other and I love how powerful Helen Hardt's writing can be as well as her ability to create such a jaw and panty dropping read that keeps fans of all sorts of different genres coming back for more.

These pages take me places and I'm in the middle of the desert looking for water because I've been blow away by a lot of my recent reads..... November is just starting.... man.

All my love!




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