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  • Erin Haggerty

These Tides Are Ever Changing

Hey what's up hello! To all my dear friends here!

I am here with yet another review.... and yes I do know what you are thinking. Really Erin you just posted one yesterday! What a treat!! And that my dear friends... is productivity. And boredom and the lack of drive to fold my freshly washed clothes... But the main reason I'm here is to educate you all the beauty that is....

...All The Tides of Fate...

...By The Fabulous Adalyn Grace...

This is book two of the All The Stars & Teeth Duology! And let me tell you this book really takes you on a wild sea faring adventure. We see the return of many of the characters that I really enjoyed in the first book. But they come back with so much drive and depth and really light up the plot. I feel like this book gave us a much better understanding of Amora's need to succeed and her drive to do whatever possible to appease her people and the kingdom at large. And even with me not being an Amora fan in book one I found she began growing on me as we watch her struggle through this book. We see Bastian grow in such wonderful ways all while staying the handsome swashbuckling hellion of a man we adored in book one. Both Vataea and Ferrick blew me away as their character's challenged their friend and made her open her eyes to the truth. These character's all became so real it was enchanting to see the relationships ebb and change like they do.

Not only did the character's rock my world in this sequel but the magic system still held my heart captive. Grace creates a beautifully unique and vast selection of magical skills that characters at once point could only have control of a single variant. This book we see even more of the islands and how they are adapting to being able to use and master any of the elements. Which is cause for some of the friction we see in the book. The ways in which Grace describes character's as well as their enchantments.... stunning.

Everything about Visidia pulls me in and I wanna sail on the Keyhaul forever. I loved the new angle on a the common must find a husband trope. And this book really gave light to it in such a creative way. Grace's writing is so enjoyable and I really found myself transported to the islands and feeling the magic. I gave All The Tides of the Fate four solid stars for being such a fantastic second and showcasing a beautiful story.

I have really enjoyed working with Adalyn and the rest of the member's of the Keyhaul Street team as well as being apart of a blog tour for this fantastic author and book! Be sure to pick up your copy of All The Tides of Fate and get your preorder reciept turned in so you can snag all the fabulous preorder incentives!

These pages take me places and I cannot wait to see where we go next!

All my love,


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