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  • Erin Haggerty

There Was Once A Sea....Of Honey....

Hey every single wonderful soul whose here!

How are we? Good? Yes? Awesome.... we're literally 88 days away from the wedding.... And its fine... I'm fine.... yeah... yeah... ANYWAY..... I'm obviously here with yet another review of yet another book! This one was hyped an insane amount since author Erin Morgenstern vanished off the face of the planet for eight entire years after gifting us with the magic of The Night Circus.... I'm obviously upset with that. Ha. But she returned with the hodge podge of a story entitled The Starless Sea. Like I said this book was so insanely talked about that it was being discussed when I first started Bookstagram. And recognizing the author... I died a bit. I've had this book on my radar every since obviously. So I preordered a sign copy and waited patiently. This is the review for that very book. So without further ado.... The Starless Sea ladies and gentleman.

So lets start with the obvious. Morgenstern writes absolutely stunning, beautiful and insanely creative books. Her writing prowess is unmatched as she adds such an intense level of detail to her stories that it is damn near impossible to not feel every single aspect of the tale. That being said... this book had periods where it lagged so so so very bad from too much detail. Things that didn't need to be spelled out or given an entire paragraph had multiple and in those moments.... I hate all the beauty she was spinning. While the entire plot is based around the importance of a single book of short stories... this book had moments where I had to hit pause and wake myself up while others I was on the edge of seat unable to pull myself away.

I wanted to love this plot so badly.... by the end of the book I did. I feel like this book had to be written while on some sort of acid trip because it was everywhere. You can clearly see influences of Wonderland and Narnia as well as a few Moby Dick references which was awesome and an obvious nod to the greats! But at moments.... it was like.... uh what in the hell is happening. This book is based off an majestic secret society that protects..... wow.... I'm genuinely not sure what they protect but.... There are doors that transport you to this place where there is The Starless Sea.... and there's a book with all these short stories of the previous keepers of this place. I believe its suppose to be the protection of storytelling? I'm still not quite sure. This plot had SO much happening that while it was beautiful and magical.... I had a hard time keeping up with all the happenings and where people fit into it all. Point blank period. Zachary plays a key point in the survival of this world and its secrets with the help from a book of short stories to learns more about himself then he has ever known. But the beauty of the world Morgenstern creates works with the chaos of the story itself and at the end.... everything is buttoned up in a way that (because your basically tripping the entire book) you as the reader never see it coming.

The amount of character and world building that was needed to make this story work.... cannot be described. There was nothing simple able this at all. Everything is literally done to the tenth degree. But yet again... trying to plot out the points of this story is damn near impossible. Overall I gave The Starless Sea a three and half star rating. I loved the overall concept of this story and obviously it was beautifully constructed... What I wish was different.... I literally wish this story had a purpose. I feel like at the end of this book... that it could have been a dream. I feel like while even with the ending... being what it was. We could technically be sent back to the beginning of the book to do it all over again. This was such a strange but mystical read and I am genuinely still not quite sure what I feel about it. All I know is that it was a wildly unique story.

Thank you all for swinging by again! These pages take me places and I cannot wait to see where we go next!

All my best!




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