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  • Erin Haggerty

The Wedding Whatever "Series"

Hey all!

Want to give you all a heads up... This was a seriously hard review for me to write simply because this author really made me feel uncomfortable with some of her thoughts as well as the actions of her characters. I believe that we all need to be held to the same standard in this world and some of the things in this book really hurt me. You all know by now I am a white woman but I am also an advocate for all and believe in equality for all as well. Regardless of skin tone, sexual orientation, or religious/political beliefs.... That being said read at own warning. I don't want to hear about my "white privilege" or that I can never understand. We don't know each others stories so do not punish me when you do not know mine. Thank you...

Welcome back!

I hope you guys are all excited for another series breakdown. Today we are touching on Jasmine Guillory's The Wedding Date series.... now I believe she attempted to write these so they can be read as stand alone as well but literally I think you have to read them in order purely so you know everyone's race in the books because the author makes it an extremely important detail.

Now don't get me wrong, I love a good diverse cast of characters but when there's a scene where someone tells someone else off for not telling others their race before introduction.... I think that's strange. I have never in my life had to tell any of my friends what ethnicity my other friends are before introducing them. So this really caught me off guard. It was mentioned in the first two books, The Wedding Date and The Proposal, both of which were interracial couples. But in The Wedding Party the issue is never mentioned because both of the members of the couple are African American. Come on its 2019 and I don't believe that we need to focus so deeply on making sure a reader knows someone race so heavily. This is obviously a hot button for me because I kinda felt like some of the interactions between the characters came off very rude as well in this department.... the two female leads in The Wedding Date and The Proposal are in a bathroom at one point and one of them turns to the other and goes, "Carlos never mentioned you were black but I feel so much better knowing your black too." After in a previous scene hinting she felt uncomfortable going on the double date because she was under the impression they were going out with Carlos's white friends and that they would be judgmental of her. I know this is a common thing for people to worry about but shouldn't one trust their significant other to not put them in a possible situation such as this? This hit me extremely hard because I felt alienated as a reader due to my race. I was uncomfortable in a couple other scenarios throughout the first two books because other comments like these were made as well. Two white women could never be in a bathroom and say "I'm so happy you're white too," without it being a racist and horrible thing. There are a couple other issues that made me stop and take a deep breath before continuing as well. The first especially being that Alexa works in politics had a lot of thoughts and feelings that came off a little harsh. I didn't pick up these books for a breakdown on peoples political beliefs, I picked it up cause I thought I was gonna get to see some sweet love! These books really tiptoed the line of being okay and a little offensive.


The first two books also had decent storylines but had very predictable endings.

I did enjoy Alexa and Drew in The Wedding Date. They had a genuine chemistry and a great back and forth between them. I began to struggle when things became more serious and Alexa is at a party is told by all of Drew's exes that he doesn't stick around and dumps them that her rational personality would maybe kick in and cause a convo versus anger... but hey love makes us do crazy things. Overall I gave it a 2.5 star rating because it was good not great.

I started this book with so much hope that I would love it... and it really just fell flat for me. The story started with a proposal from the hipster white guy (harped on this one quite a bit through the book) that Nik didn't know was coming and obviously didn't want. But the dude goes hardcore crazy sending shitty texts and threats plus later in the book there is an altercation between Nik and him as well. I applaud the fact the author had Nik and her two friends go to a self defense class (something I truly believe all women should do) and that both of her friends were so supportive and honest with her when she screwed the pooch Carlos wise. It seemed like Nik's personality changed randomly causing the books to read super choppy. I never knew if I was gonna get cool calm reserved Nik or super bitchy judgey Nik. I love that the author had Carlos admit emotion first. This is a trope that drives me bonkers. MEN LOVE TOO DAMN IT! But I gave The Proposal, 2 stars because even though I loved Carlos and enjoyed some aspects of the story it was just so lukewarm adult scene and I felt like I was more invested in secondary characters in this book than the main. Plus I think knowing Carlos from The Wedding Date made me enjoy him as a character as well because he was hilarious in the first book.

The Wedding Party was an enemies to lovers read where Alexa's two best friends Theo and Maddie begin hooking up and keep it a secret from Alexa. *yawn and eyeroll* Such an overdone trope. Not only that but I feel like Maddie and Theo were such a mismatch couple wise. I will say this was my favorite from the series because I really enjoyed the climax of the story and didn't see it coming action wise. Romance wise it was completely predictable as with the rest of the series. I did however give this one 3 stars because of the surprise twist thrown in.

Overall.... this series had so much hype from being on Reese's Book List (?) and being talked up by various people I expected it to be much better than it was. It was overall very middle of the road and not something I would recommend first second or maybe even third. But it wasn't horrible... I gave the entire series a 2.5 star rating.

Thank you so much for reading and for sticking with me through my first paragraph I know that it probably didn't make me many fans but honesty will always come first for me.

All my love!




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