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  • Erin Haggerty

The Surfer and The Bookworm

Hey howdy hey!

I'm back and its been a hot minute since I've provided any sort of review type material/entertainment for any one so! Here I am! Sorry for my absence I've been adulting and life got a little outta hand plus when you don't finish books left and right it doesn't leave you with much in the way of reviewing material! But I've gotten a few books finished and I'm back. I'm also hoping to do some more non review related blogs but I am finding that with the Booktube up and running that I'm having to balance all my ideas between the two as well as Booksta so that has been a challenge in and of itself!

But this review is for an awesome ARC given to me by Entangled Publishing!

Now for this read I stepped back into teenage Erin's brain because I was once a lover of surfer boys such as Toff who is our male lead in this wonderfully cute read! And I was also a bookworm like Amy so this book was right up my alley. This story is surrounds Amy who is using her bookstagram to enter a contest to meet her all time favorite romance writer and asks Toff, the hot confident surfer dude to be her "swagger mentor". Now this book was ADORKABLE in all the best ways but also reminded me who I was when I was a senior in high school. It was completely relatable in so many ways. Besides the fact that Instagram was a thing.... yes I'm that old *eyeroll*. Anywho.... we see Amy shedding her quiet exterior and see her face many of her fears with the encouragement of Toff. She ends up stepping out of the background of her bestie's book blogs and finds her confidence in being her own person with her own voice. All while harboring a major crush on the surfer hottie. Now surfer hottie has always know Amy due her being friends with his soon to be step sister. But Amy begins to bring out a new side of him and helps him adjust to his father's recent engagement as well as the death of his mom. Its truly a sweet and playful read that will remind everyone of their first true love and what being a teen was all about. Amy and Toff have an undeniable sizzle that will keep you shipping them over and over again just like all of Amy's booksta followers. I enjoyed this book from cover to cover and would happily suggest it as a read for anyone in high school dealing with the good the bad and ugly. As well as my friends who need a flirty fun read.

I gave this book four stars, for being a refreshing take on an age old trope. Jock and nerd. But also reminding us readers that being yourself will always win out no matter what and no matter who you are your passion is worth working towards. And that letting someone in is both a scary but wonderful thing.

Thanks for stopping in! I appreciate you all!

These pages take me places and I can't wait to see where we go next!

See you around lovelies!




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