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The Ricochet Was Real

Hey all!

Been a minute but I am back with my first review of October which is over Ricochet by Katheryn Berla which releases today with Flux Publishing. I received this ARC via NetGalley and have a lot of mixed feelings on the read as a whole. It had so much potential to be a really strong book but some of the ideas really fell flat and didn't live up the actual concept of the book.

HEADS UP! This could get a little spoilerish.... ok REAL SPOILERISH cause I have a lot of things I need to put out there for this read including my complete and utter annilation of the ending. It was a bummer that it didn't come together in an enjoyable way because through the entire book I felt nit picky. Overall Berla has wonderful writing skills. I enjoyed her writing immensely its was smooth and creative and took the reader places. I also thought it was nice touch for the lead to be part of the LGBT community although love seemed super out of place in this book but her the girl is a teen let her love her girlfriend. Am I right?

So for the first like 10 chapters where we are establishing the 4 versions of Tatiana's character in different parallel universes I really tried to keep an open mind. Because the idea is that one or two choices are made different in each universe and were looking at each of their life lines one at a time. These girls suffer from "seizures" that have no explanation and doctors are stumped. I'll attempt to give a quick breakdown for each character super quick.

Tati: American. Adopted. Life really isn't altered by the "seizures" girlfriend is in closet. Literally the hardest part of her life.

Ana: American. Adopted. Dad is sick in the hospital dying though the entire story. Meets her bio mom.

Tanya: Russian. Is with the bio mom on the run from her bio dad.

Tatyana: Russian. Bio dad's lab rat.

Sooooooo this is where I started getting a little frustrated story wise.... So Ana and Tati can communicate and Tanya and Tatyana kinda can. You don't see much cross over between the Russian and American Tatianas. This was a huge flaw for me. This story could have moved quicker and had more depth if the author had opened this as an option. With the girls being limited between the pairing you have Tati and Ana creating a relationship while the other two are hardcore suffering in their worlds. Even that didn't super bother me until I realized that the author had made it so one of the Tatianas wasn't being hunted by their father at all.... so that one didn't have much in the way of a storyline and was kinda useless overall.

But.... then you have the three Tatiana's whose father is alive and searching for them ban together to try and destroy the experiment which is themselves.... And the two Russians ones die... In what felt like a lover's kinda sacrifice since the author refers to them as soulmates a few times. Soooo when these two die. Ana has to make it back to her universe to find out...


Her dad has died while they were in the other universe. And Tati comes to her and convinces her to come together to be one. In an essence Ana becomes Tati...... and she's just gone. Leaves her adoptive mother in her universe and joins Tati in hers.................... THIS IS THE ENDING. I was massively disappointed. Not only that but Ana was being stalked by the FBI and were trying to work with her to stop her father. AND she knew her real mother in her universe.... But all of this is just left there. Because "no time passes in the other universes if you're in another"......cop out hated it and it dropped the generous three star review I had planned to give this book down to a two in the seconds because I couldn't stand the fact the author just left it like that. I truly up into the end thought that this book and story was good but maybe a little polishing could have made a difference... until I read the end and I was like.....nope.

Oh and you can't tell me you wouldn't be a little freaked out if you just popped up randomly and was like, "YO I'm you!".....come on.

This book was a rough one unfortunately. But....

These pages take me places.... and I'm so ready to be at the next place already cause man.

Thank you all again! Make sure to check out the Booktube Friday for a video update! And keep your eyes on my Bookstagram for more reviews!

See you all next time!

All my love!


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