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  • Erin Haggerty

The Nameless

Howdy all!!

Ive got the last review January here and this was a very meh read for me which is okay! BUT it does mean that this will be a fairly small review for Nameless Queen by Rebecca McLaughlin.

So this book was fairly middle of the road for me. I really liked that a lot of the issues of the world in this book could be linked to events in real life. The fact the world is broken up into three tiers and that The Nameless (which are the bottom tier) have very little rights as well are looked down upon by both the Royals (who are obviously the highest) and make all the rules then the middle class or the Legals who are basically just better then the Nameless but not as great as the Royals. You can't switch class unless you marry into it. That being said I really liked that we had a cast supported by a lot of each tier. We see a nice variety which really gave the book a little more life.

That being said....I liked a few of the characters in this book but I feel like there was very minimal character growth... and that all the character even the ones I enjoyed were fairly two dimensional. There were moments where I thought Coin would have a few more layers and I think the princess was the most complicated character in the book but everyone was well written but not well rounded. I wanted more emotion from Coin especially towards the end of the book. I wanted to feel her sadness but it just wasn't there for me.

But I had trouble with this book because it feels like its been written in some form some where. A Nameless girl whose name, since she doesn't have a real one, is in fact Coin..... is given the royal tattoo and becomes queen cause in this world the king when they die has to say the name of who they want to take over. Which should be impossible because... Coin doesn't have a name. So while the dressing is different.... girl who shouldn't be royal is and boom story. I liked the concept of this plot being that she has to figure out how she came to be queen if she doesn't have a name. And while I didn't know the ending or how she became queen it seemed like a very obvious choice from the get go once revealed. This was a quite read and was fairly enjoyable if you can handle the redone storyline.

It was a two point five or two point seven five read cause I think it was unique in some ways but not in enough ways.

These pages take me places and I cannot wait to see where we go next!

All my love!




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