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The King of Elfhame

Hey hey hey my reading peeps!!

Thats right! Your eyes do not deceive you.... I am here with another review! Mere days later.... versus months! Improvement is key...

From the title I'm sure you can guess what book or at least what series this book is from. But if you are a super sleuth or have been sent here from my bookstagram you'll know this review is over How The King of Elfhame Learned to Hate Stories by Holly Black.

Let's go!

So let's start with...

Plot/Pacing: This book is really just a couple short stories of Carden's past looped in with a small look at Carden and Jude after the series. The book moves at an excellent clip especially for a novella. The illustrations in this book really make the simple plot come to life in the best way. So while normally a novella plot is meant to be short and uncomplicated the pictures really made it feel much more detailed and constucted.

Solid 5/5.

Character Development: So again being that this is a novella you often don't see these giving more depth to characters is a big way.... but because of the plot of this beauty. We see dimensions of Carden I had no idea would ever exist. This book really took a character I liked and made him into one that I really enjoyed. Which, I gotta say would normally be a challenge since again this was a NOVELLA.

Another 5/5.

Writing Style: Now I am not a hardcore stan of Holly Black or The Folk of The Air trilogy. I enjoyed the books but they didn't blow me away like I hoped they would. The universe Black creates is pretty detailed but her writing is very simple. I wanted to be taken away and immersed into the world as so many told me I would and while I did find it easy to picture Elfhame... it wasn't an experience.

4/5 for my pickiness.

Story Aspects: I feel like this is a bit harder again as this is a novella. But I finished this book in one sitting. The art grabbed my attention and the simplicity of the story kept me invested. The ending especially was perfection.


Personal Opinions/Thoughts: I really really enjoyed this book but I do not think this book was enough to really make me change the way I read and enjoyed the series as a whole. I liked it as a whole but this was definitely my favorite of the three books and two novellas in this series. This one was my favorite which in my opinion isn't awesome since its the after story and not the main event. But beauty was so worth it. And the series is enjoyable as a whole.

4/5 for the fact a novella comes out on top!

Total: 23/25 Overall How The King of Elfhame Learned to Hate Stories was a solid 5 star read for me. This book was stunning though and though. If you loved The Cruel Prince and the rest of the books in The Folk of Air series. I don't know why you would sleep on this addition to the franchise!

As always thanks for stopping in, reading my thoughts, and of course my banter! I cannot wait to showcase a few more reviews later this week!!

These pages take me places and I cannot wait to see where we go next... and how quickly we get there.

All my love!


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