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  • Erin Haggerty

The Darkest King! WILLIAM!!

Hey all!

Times are crazy right now... But my reading has really amped up this second half of March because of it.... So silver linings!

I was beyond blown away when a representative associated with Gena Showalter reached out to me asking if I would wanna review William's story aka The Darkest Night and receive a free copy. When I started my bookstagram/blog this was one of my unicorn writers that I wanted to be able to work with. And also one of my favorite authors of all time. So getting this opportunity was the chance of a lifetime. So obviously I'm here to chat y'all up with my review for Gena Showalter's newest addition to the Lords of the Underworld series.... The Darkest Night!

Alright so starting off I have been waiting FOREVER for William's turn to steal the spotlight. He has been one of my favorite characters in this series since The Darkest Kiss. So seeing his story come full circle has been an experience. One of my favorite things about Showalter's writing is her ability to write strong female characters to match their alpha males. Every single one of her characters has so much depth and is completely different from the last. Which after so many you would think you may seem some overlap. Not a chance. Sunny was a fantastic match for William with her innocent yet some what vicious personality. I was originally not a HUGE fan of the idea of a unicorn shifter being that this series is relatively dark overall. But Showalter was able to take a creature that is naturally adorable and give it a nice fiery edge that was quite fitting for the Prince of Hell. The back and forth between Sunny and William was intoxicating to read and so so so enjoyable when they finally came together to burn. Showalter writes fantastic chemistry between her characters but Sunny and William's dance of who will break first really created such a satisfying slow burn for me. Especially when tagged with William's selfish playboy attitude we really see the growth of his character in this book which was fantastic. I feel like he overall has had the most change in his being from these books... Well him and Paris!

I also have to commend the plot line of this series and this particular book in particular. These books have consistently built on a much larger plot... while each Lord has had their own somewhat smaller adventures and mishaps that leads to their life saving love story. Now that being said, William's story is kind of in a world of his own being that he is not an actual Lord possessed by a demon from Pandora's box. But the time and thought that takes to tying fifteen different character's journeys (technically many more if you count all he novellas as well) into one larger storyline.... I mean the genius of it is not lost one me.

Gena Showalter stuns again with her careful structured world and fabulous cast of characters in this series. I highly recommend these reads for romance fans as well as anyone who enjoys heavily constructed story lines as well. The LOTU series definitely has a little bit of something for everyone. The Darkest King was a ton notch addition to the fandom and I gave it four and half stars outta five overall for its phenomenal twists and turns and obviously adult content. Cannot say enough about this writer and her skills.

These pages take me places! And I cannot wait to see where I go next!

All the best and stay healthy my friends!




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