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The Circus Life!

Hey all!

Got yet another new review for all you lovely souls. This one is over We Are All His Creatures by Deborah Noyes which publishes March 10th from Candlewick Press. This book is structured as several short stories about P.T. Barnum, the world famous ring master, and his journey to becoming the wonder he is known as. As a fan of The Greatest Showman I was thrilled to read the synopsis when I received it. So without further ado! Lets jump in.

This book had a mixture of good concepts and less then fabulous ones. Overall it was an okay read and I think that I am possibly to blame for why this book didn't resonate as a truly wonderful read. But I really wanted to be invested in all the characters stories and while some of them really really made my heart swell others felt forced and fell short. Especially when this book is laid next to The Greatest Showman which is so glamorized I struggled with this more historically accurate look at the showman's life.

Overall this book was very well written. Noyes really captured with much accuracy the true lifeline of Barnum. I did a little research once I finished this book just to kinda help me break apart fact from fiction. We Are All His Creatures really encompasses quite a few of the ups and downs of this man's journey which I can applaud since I am a fact checker myself obviously.

I gave We Are All His Creatures, a three star rating for its accurate accounts as well as the wonderful writing, but with the characters being a little less then captivating I really struggled staying invested. Mine you I struggle with nonfiction if people aren't investigating murders... or questioning someone's sanity. Ha.

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These pages take me places and I cannot wait to see where I go next!

All my love!


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