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Tell Me Why Everyone is So Freaking Creative...

So it seems as if I post on here back to back to back and then nothing.... So here I am being back! The new year is right around the corner and I'm coming full force for it all. You'll be seeing me more on my Booksta as well as my return to Booktube and Im super excited for it all!

But lets get back to why you are here! I've got a new review and I am so pumped for it! I am This book was so adorable that I'm excited to say I could have a new fave romance for 2019. Sorry Fix Her Up by Tessa Bailey.... Love Lettering by Kate Clayborn is literally everything I needed to pull me out of my reading slump! Thank you Netgalley and Kensington Books for this ARC! I was so enamored with Meg and Reid I just ugh my heart!! Guys this book release today so you don't have to wait! GET YOURSELF A BEAUTIFUL LOVE STORY DAMN IT!

That being said lets find out why!

Ive been reading so freaking many lack luster sparkle-less UNINTERESTING romances lately.... Love Lettering was such a breath of fresh air for me. One of my all time favorite romance tropes is just the naturally awkward humans finding their someone and falling in love. Which is exactly what this read was in such a fantastically creative way. Clayborn creates two characters with both with so much to give the story its beyond words. Awkward Reid and one of a kind Meg have a slow burn chemistry that gives them so much then just someone to love. Both have a natural sense of honesty in strikingly different ways that shows the other how to handle the world in a new light. Clayborn showcases what love can do to a person in such a genuine and real way. Not only that but the sizzle between these two is so gooooood.

I really love when an author does flip back and forth between the love interest's perspectives because it feels like your adding a little more to the story and its giving you a little something back. But I really connected with Meg and Clayborn gives her so many layers as well as side interactions with other characters I didn't feel like I was losing anything by not getting Reid's side. One of my only complaints is that while I think the constant reference to lettering and signs and all that was important to building her character and painting more of her business/artsy side. There were moments where I don't think it was needed for what the author was portraying. While it does give a nice beautiful feel to the story with a little extra flair... at some points it felt forced.

The plot of this book is so well constructed leaving us with a fantastic finish that doesn't feel overkill... but also provides the stereotypical big climax for our lovebirds to battle and come back stronger then ever. I loved the back and forth between the two and how it transitioned into such a fun and flirty relationship. Also the adult content in this book is absolutely spectacular. Made me blush in the very very first scene which is quite the feat!

I gave Love Lettering by Kate Clayborn four and a half stars with my only complaint being that the constant chatter of the lettering style. This was a strong first read by this author for me and I will be revisiting and checking out more of her stuff now!

These pages take me places! And I cannot wait to see where we go next.

All my love!




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