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  • Erin Haggerty

Sweet Fiery Storybook Southern Romance.

Hey all back once again with another early review for you! A Firefighter's Cinderella by Sonya Weiss comes out for everyone to enjoy November 18th from Entangled Publishing! This is another romance novel that is simple and just a really great cute read. So lets get the break down!

I really loved a lot about this book. Its short and sweet and the characters are well rounded with dark events in their past that shape the way they look at love. This is a typical story of two people who renew each others belief in love. Rafferty is a "playboy" even though he's an honest one who tells women up front he's not looking for anything serious. In my opinion I don't think thats a playboy and WARNING unpopular opinion..... I don't think that makes for someone to be considered an ass for any reason... ADULT OPINION.... they probably just enjoy sex. ANYWAY. He was once bestie with Harper whose father abandon her and her mom because he didn't wanna settle down and live a boring life as a dad/husband. This causes Harper to live life comfortably inside her box where safety is key. So when Harper opens up and asked Raff to love her.... and he doesn't want to offer anything more (mind you this is I'm guessing high school...? More on that in a moment...) she's obviously wreaked and their friendship is over. Flash forward to present day and Raff is a firefighter (HOT!) and Harper is working at her mom's fairy tale themed theme park and needs a new Prince Charming to star with her in the park's show. Rafferty is trying to prove he can commit to something to prove he can be a good option for a promotion in the fire house. So he commits to helping Harper.

Alright so here's the my thoughts.

This was a super cute read where the two obviously have some chemistry and flirt like high schoolers which was adorable in this instance and can be suppppppper annoying if not written right. Rafferty slowly realizes he wants Harper to never be hurt again as they repair their friendship and Harper as Raff shows her what its like to live a little and push the boundaries and embraced the world begins to fall for him all over. The entire story is propelled by Grandma Jean who is matchmaker extraordinaire and to be frank my favorite character. So the book itself is just them realizing what they missed about each other way back in the day and they learn more and more and BOOM! Love. But the characters were perfect for the trope that was written and I love both of their back stories and their previous experiences in love. Plus this book is staged in Georgia and the Southern aspects of this read make it extra extra romantic and wonderful as well. I mean horse back riding while the sunsets? UGH!

My only complaints about this book are....

1. The timeline I'm still struggling with. Rafferty claims the reason he doesn't do love is because of what happens with his ex Jill and that happened early in college..... But Harper and him have been friends since elementary school and he turns her down then? Or do they reconnect after college? But Harper says she throws herself into college because of her father leaving her and her father left her when she was young. So the events that happen throughout the book are a little fuzzy and I'm not sure what happened when and where and so that caused a good amount of confusion. Because if the reason Raff can't love happened in college..... why would he have been that way when they were younger?

2. So its a complaint but its not one that holds much water. I felt like it was proclamation of love from Harper and Rafferty denies her. BAM. Raff realizes he loves her too. BAM. Together. Like the ARC happened majorly fast and it was done. But it didn't feel rushed or like it was missing details or that it didn't make sense. It makes perfect sense and it worked well with the story. It just felt like it all came together and buttoned up super quick and honestly I kinda wanted a little more especially since its a "standalone" series book. Set me up for the next one woman! I gotta know what's gonna happen to Grayson whose the only Bradford not married off yet by Grandma Jean! (This is book three by the way!)

So this book was adorable and extremely thoughtful in a lot of ways. It was a wonderful and perfect palette cleanser for me as well because I've been chewing through a lot of heavier reads lately. I gave the book a four star rating because of the timeline issue but this is a super sweet romance. I will mention for my fiery and spicy loves this book is very much tame and lovely!

These pages take me places and I can't wait to see where I go next!

Thank you all!

All my love!




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