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  • Erin Haggerty

Strange Cover.... Average Read.

Hey! What's up? Hello!!

Ive got something both strange and relatable for readers. I'm warning you all now... Smooth by Matt Burns.... really didn't do a lot for me and I'm not sure why. I'm gonna do my best to really break down why I struggled with this book and why I believe others would actually really really enjoy it.

So. This book is about Kevin whose acne is literally out of control.... so he goes to the doc and is put on medicine that needs monitoring because of its laundry list of possible side effects. It goes through the ups and downs of being fifteen as well as the confounding confusion that can come with being on new meds. But... things got funky for me when his relationships start changing and he begins pushing away from his friends and really honing in on a girl he meets at the doc's office... I struggled with the pacing of this book as well as the characters feeling very two dimension and unrealistic... The idea of being on a medicine that can effect so many things negatively really is jarring to me especially with Kevin being fifteen years old. Even if a parent approved this.... why wouldn't they/Kevin be sharing with the doctor all the possible changes he's going through.... It really caused some discontent for me while finishing up the book cause my common sense kept kicking in saying, "Why?" Honestly my biggest problem with this book was how.... middle of the road it was. It was just not overly interesting but not overly boring either.... I was just very meh on the whole thing.

This was a solid concept book with a few plot holes that really bothered me. I think the book would be enjoyed by the right people, I myself gave it three stars for that exact reason. I think that it could have given a little more in a lot of ways as well. This wasn't the book for me but I think it could be solid choice for a younger audience.

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These pages take me places. And I cannot wait to see where I go next.

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