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  • Erin Haggerty

Spinning the Night & Breaking The Slump

Hey guys!

It felt like I was here every other day there for a minute.... and then nothing. SO! I am happy to be back! I was slumping hard these last few weeks, wedding stuff if hitting the fan and with us being only 70 days away (whose counting right?) I am starting to really really feel the crunch... Elope guys... just do it and thank me later. Anyway the slump has been broken and I am reading more in the last few days then the first couple weeks of Feb altogether. Thankfully. I missed it!

Anyway I've finally finished another book for February bringing my total reads to three... yep! Go me! I'm gonna give you the break down on a new release that I received for review from the wonderful Page Street Kids/YA called Night Spinner by Addie Thorley!

This book is just hands down gorgeous. The front cover is so stunning and the story inside is pretty freaking great as well! Although the beginning couple of chapters of this book seemed super slow as we figure out the structure of the world and monarchy, the magic system is superbly built as well as the Gods and their storylines. Thorley really transports her reader into the realm in which she has created showing us a vast world with different terrains and seasons. Teamed with a truly beautiful writing style this book felt so three-dimensional and real.

One of my favorite things about this read was the characters and how deep even the most minor ones went personality wise. I felt connected to not only Enebish but to Ghoa and Serik as well. I felt what they felt and when En made the changes in herself to be stronger my heart soared with her. I was so invested in The Destroyer I wanted nothing more then to take her hand and help her in the darkness. I loved the transformation we see in her from the beginning of this book to the end. There is one thing that hurt me more then all the insanity betrayal wise in this book..... But man I cannot share it without spoilers!!!! UGH!!!!!

While the plot dragged in certain places this was overall a very well structured read with a lot of to give in the way of plot and characterization! I gave Night Spinner three and a half stars and will be continuing the series!

These pages take me places and I cannot wait to see where I go next!

All my love!




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