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  • Erin Haggerty

Sometimes Love Is Predictable.

Hey all!

Its 2020 and I have been taking sometime to reflect on how I wanna build my blog and restructure things. I am going to be not taking a step back from blogging but I am going to only start blogging books (after this review) that I really loved or want to rant about or have someone other then Netgalley breathing down my neck about.... I'm a little burnt out trying to keep up with it all. I review here on both Edelweiss and Netgalley as well as Goodreads and I try too do mini reviews when I share the pictures on Booksta as well.... So I'm trying to take some pressure off myself. But we will see. I love having a place to share thoughts and feelings on books. But in instances like this book which is From LA With Love by Cassie Rocca.... I struggle to write anything more then a paragraph. So we will see. I want to bring this all back to enjoying what I am reading. Which I normally do with no problem but deadlines made December miserable for me. I ended up really struggling to get everything done I needed to and it showed on all my platforms.

But anyway... the reason you are really here for.... ha.

From LA With Love by Cassie Rocca was gifted to me by Netgalley. This book was ok. I think that it was predictable and that while I loved the beginning of it the middle and ending really felt like I could have copied and pasted it from another romance book. While Rocca has a great writing style that easy to enjoy and the spiciness of this book was good... Overall it was a decent read but nothing I would suggest off the top of my head.

I gave this book a 2.5 for its unique beginning but its very lackluster conclusion. I will say I am rather disappointed because I had a couple friends rave about Cassie Rocca so I think I will be revisiting her to see what else she brings to the table in the way of her writing.

I also have amazing and exciting news. I have been chosen as an influencer for Created By Rae. This woman does it all! Works a full time job, goes to school and runs her own bookish business! I am very lucky to be apart of her wonderful team and get to indulge in her beautiful products! So make sure to check out her Etsy page which is:

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Thank you all for your support and I cannot wait to see what 2020 has in store for The Word Traveler!

These pages take me places! And I cannot wait to see where I go next!

All my love! Erin

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