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  • Erin Haggerty

Sometimes It's Just A Hard Night

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This review is over Jackie Ashenden's last book in the 11th Hour series entitled Hard Night. The story follows Jacob Night who is the leader of the 11th Hour and his assistant Faith Beasley, whose (spoiler) not really Faith Beasley but Joanna Lynn. After a traumatic incident while Joanna was in the military effects her memory, Jacob know that this woman is the only link he has to his long missing twin brother. The narrative is built around Jacob and Faith attempting to help recover her memories and discover how she is connected to the missing twin. Overall this was a good read. It was defiantly my favorite in this series. Had some nice steam between the characters and one of the longest love scenes I've ever read. I love a good badass female which once Faith realizes her true self she is. Faith herself isn't horrible but she could have given me a little more oomph I think. Jacob is your typical hard ass who likes it rough and falls for the mysterious woman he's been carrying for. The background stories for both of these characters is so deep and raw that its very easy to see how their two two would be drawn together. Plus everything with Joshua and how they are linked fits so flawlessly that I was genuinely shocked to not find a plot hole somewhere. Gotta love a group of people who are just hot and awesome!

I would say the romance angle of the story is pretty predictable but the ending of book on the other hand. It was good including the final love making scene. I gave this read 4 stars! I enjoyed the ride it took me on and liked the characters and who they are and what made them who they are.

These pages take me places and I can't wait to see where I go next!

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