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  • Erin Haggerty

Sometimes A Meet Cute is All You Need.

Hey all!

Welcome back! Todays review is over Meet Cute by Helena Hunting! This book... so good. Anyway lets jump in!!

So this book revolves around three characters versus two as your traditional love story would...but I'm getting a head of myself. Just know this is a whole new take on a love triangle. Kaylin and Daxton have history dating back to law school both positive and negative but mostly negative. They are reintroduced because Dax's family comes to Kaylin with a trust (money) issue. Well Dax's parents die in an accident and he is left with his custody of his much younger sister Emme. There is an issue regarding their aunt who was suppose to get custody of Emme and spends the entire story trying to prove Daxton cannot provide proper care for his sister. Kaylin is put in charge of Emme's finances as well as her overall well being and begins to really care for the young girl. Kaylin's boss also puts her in charge of getting Dax to move to their company. Though the book Kaylin and Dax work through the problems from their past and begin to fall for each other and work through the hardships that come with raising a teen. But after a very troubling incident at a school dance ripples form between all three of the members of our triangle. Dax also finds out that Kaylin has been trying to sway him to join their firm because she will get a new job as partner and even though Kaylin has decided she's not interested Dax breaks things off between them. Kaylin stumbles upon the aunt and discovers evidence to save the day! And obviously things get better between the two of the because its a romance and that's how things go!

Alright as for the review.... I adored this book whole-heartedly. I loved the way Hunting broke down things between Daxton and Kaylin past wise with very little work because they are adults and can work things out. But I love the relationship that develops between Kaylin and Emme as well. This was an extremely heart warming story and both Kaylin and Dax's characters grown so much from the first page to the last. Emme as well grows in a way that a minor character normally wouldn't. This entire story is captivating from the awkward meet cute all the way through. I highly suggest this story and gave it five stars simply because it made my soul so happy. A definite summer must read.

These pages take me places! And I cannot wait to see where I go next!

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