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  • Erin Haggerty

So. Many. Chills.

Hey! What's up? Hello!!

Welcome back yet again for another book review! This was a truly spooky read and part of me wishes I had waited to read this in October because... it was creepy.

This book was incredibly illustrated but lets talk about the content of the five stories. Each one had its own unique plot line and characters. And each one was chilling its own freaky way. I won't spoil any of them because if your into scary this is a great book for you. As a graphic novel there isn't much to work off besides the illustrations and the conservations between characters both of which where phenomenal. This made each secti0on move along so quickly the chills from the story stayed with me for hours after finishing.

This is a perfect read for October! And I gave it 4 stars for being creative and having so much heart. Plus.... I literally told the hubs that I had been so into it I thought I saw one of characters in our home later that night!

These pages take me places! And I cannot wait to see where I go next!

Thank you all!

Much love!




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