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  • Erin Haggerty

Sick Kids Who Annoyed Me


.....ok so this title isn't really fair because only one of the two kids in this story annoyed me and only did so after about 50 percent of the book. But then again as I age.... Teens annoy me more and more ha!

Hey guys!

I've got another review for you and hopefully another this afternoon. But we'll see! This review is Sick Kids in Love by Hannah Moskowitz which comes out in November of this year published by Entangled Teen! This book was a decent read.

I really enjoyed that it centered around two kids suffering from two varying degrees of illnesses. I also really loved that the author broke down the idea that these two and showed the emotions attached to being ill in such a raw way. I was friends with a girl growing up who had cystic fibrous and I feel like some of our conversations over the years felt very similar to those Isobel has with her friends. Although I did have a hard time relating to the convo between Isobel and her friend towards the end of the book because it began to feel like it was impossible to do anything right. My friend didn't want to be coddled and unfortunately one of the things I really ended up not liking about Isobel's character was that she would go back and forth on her expectations of those around her... But I loved that Sasha was so black and white with what he needed from those in his world. If he needed sleep he slept. If he needed oxygen he asked for it. It made a very interesting contrast between the two but I genuinely feel like it began to make me watch Isobel in a different light. Especially when she told Sasha he needed to change his carefree and easy going ways and then admits that she would never change who she is for anyone. I found myself reminding myself that her character was a teen and that this is not an uncommon habit it teens. But until Sasha called her out on her BS in the subway station I found myself really really disliking her entitled attitude. After the break up I found myself sympathizing with her a little more and appreciated the arc of emotion that came with it all whether or not it was intentional.

Something I wasn't a huge fan of was the weird additional add-in of Isobel's mother being back in the story and giving her the opportunity to reach out..... It just felt like an unneeded addition to the story that complicated things that could have easily been complicated in other ways.

I am not sure if this will be a series or a stand alone but I can say that this book bought out a variety of emotions from me which is always something I enjoy in a story. I gave this book 3 stars since I had a few issues with the plot line but overall this was an easy and unique read!

Thank you for coming back!

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