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  • Erin Haggerty

She May Be A Memory Thief... But I Won't Forget!

Hey howdy hey!

Here again! Got my second to last review ready and happy to be read! This review is over The Memory Thief by Lauren Mansy TODAY from Blink Publishing! Happy Pub Day!!!

This book was AMAZING! First off the storyline and magic system was so wonderfully unique. Plus I love an edgy lead character with a dark past! Jules has exactly that. I also quite enjoy when people backstab selfishly but its for all the right reasons. This book is the perfect combo of all things magic dark and twisted.

Mansy's idea of using people's memories as currency is a mind bending concept. I truly enjoyed the different type of skills each of the "gifted" had. I also love that there was no "hero complex" Juilette wasn't gun ho to do it all by herself and knew she needed others to make the common goal happen. There have been so many titles out recently where there is one person determined to handle the problem without their friend's help, sacrificing themselves to save everyone. Insert eye roll here. While in some books it works without being tropey it almost always comes off annoying to me. Ha. This book had a cast of characters who all knew they couldn't defeat the queen without each other and yes there is a sacrifice made by a person but its not over done and made with a big speech which I quite liked.

Another awesome thing about this book is the sense of loss that most of the characters share at the hands of their evil overlordette and the different levels and groups all working towards the same goal of riding themselves of this woman. I loved that even with the common goal that

1. You couldn't be trusted because its very possible someone messed with your mind.

2. That many of the players involved in the revolt where once associated closely with the queen herself.

But I loved the hidden secrets that Jules hid and discovered through the book the most. Mansy does a terrific job of keeping a nice quick pace story wise without making you feel like you haven't obtained enough info to make sense of the plot or that there is so much happening you feel overwhelmed. She has master the perfect pace to build characters, share memories and grow a storyline which is hard feat to accomplish and I believe some of even my favorite writers can struggle with.

This read totally deserved its four and half star rating. And I will highly recommending it to all my fantasy reading friends. I would love to read more from this author as well as hope to see something else from this world.

Watch out because tomorrow I'll have my final September review up for Stalking Jack the Ripper as well as my September breakdown! There are some pretty big changes coming to this blog and my BookTube and Bookstagram as well. I'm hoping to make all platforms a little more interactive and interesting to start seeing an increase in all the numbers across the board. Be prepared to see more self promoting of my channel and insta as well!

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These pages take me places and I can't wait to see where I go next!!

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