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So this is gonna be a different formatted review similar to Do You Have Total Control?? But it will be a two part review. The first section will be a brief summary/review of just Finale which is the third book in the Caraval series. And the second will be a review over the three books in total without any summaries. So let's jump in.


So this book is obviously a continuance of the series. But unlike with Legendary and Caraval which centralizes on one of the two sisters this one bounce back and forth between the two. This plot also builds more of their relationships with each of their respective men as well as seeing their mother again when she is awoken after being released from the cards. We learn more about the fates as well as how Legend came to be himself. There is also a giant secret revealed involving Scarlett and The Fallen Star who is the leader of the fates. There is a lot of plot development surrounding the Fates who become mortal if they fall in love. We also see a large tug back and forth between Legend and Tella in a very will they won't they way. Long story short the entire book is about defeating the Fates and saving the realm from them.

All and all Stephanie Garber does an amazing job developing the Fates and diversifying them and their talents. This was definitely my favorite book in the series and I think it has a lot to do with the multiple perspectives. I believe that it gives extra dimension to the story since the sisters are often involved in different situations and discovering different things. Not only that but the world is very much bigger in this book. We see the entirely of their landscape versus just the inside of Caraval. I gave it 4 and a half stars over all because I enjoyed the extra perspectives as well as the much more developed plot. Plus my heart is so split between Jacks and Legend!


OK! This is the overview of the entire series from my point of view.

I'll start with my overall rating for this series. I give it a solid 4. I genuinely believe this series got better through the books. Caraval was but no means bad. It had a unique story and I enjoyed the picture that was painted for me. What I wasn't a fan of was the single perspective and that had a lot to do with the fact Scarlett was fairly timid. The overview is that Scarlett would do anything for someone she loves therefore risking herself and her possible marriage to save Tella from Legend's clutches. Throughout the book we see her give up so much to find her sister only to find out that things have been stacked against her from the beginning. As well as her sister made some pretty selfish choices throughout the story in hopes to free them both from their prison. *eyeroll* Book one really painted a rough picture of Tella for me but going into Legendary we see a total flip in character for her which I'm still not sure how I feel about. We also see Scarlett taking more risks and going behind her sister's back which I feel like is completely out of character for her since she was fairly upset that Tella had kept such secrets from her in Caraval. My other huge struggle with Legendary is for two sisters who were supposably so close and important to each other.... they share maybe five scenes together throughout the entire book. But overall again the story was good and unique and I did enjoy it for the most part. But I do think that Legend's true identity is made very obvious and I'm still not sure if that is purposeful. Or not. But Tella makes more selfish choices and has to be saved and get her heart stomped on and that leads us into Finale. Which as I said... is by far the strongest of the series in my opinion as well as my personal favorite! Overall I really don't have many negatives to say about Finale. I think the conquering of the enemy being the Fates is a little drawn out but the getting to the defeat of them is very well written and has an amazing breakdown. All the tying up of the love interests in the end is wonderful as well. And I am super happy with the fact Tella contiunes to be tied to Jacks in this story even when her heart is with someone else. I truely think this gives the story so much more momentum and helps propel a certain someone into making the choices he does. I ALSO AM SO EXTREMELY HAPPY WITH HOW GARBER ENDED THIS BOOK. I was very convinced when I started this that everyone was going to end up with things being exactly how they wanted and I was pleasantly surprised when that is not what happened and love alone won out.

Like I said this would definitely be a fandom I would suggest to others. Do I believe it lived up to the hype that I kept seeing everywhere. Not really. I do think its well written with a great plot overall though. And I will continue to look forward to more work by Stephanie Garber!

These pages take me places and I cannot wait to see where we go next!

Have a wonderful weekend!




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