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RANT TIME: The Mister

Updated: Aug 3, 2019

Alright! Hey howdy hey! First real blog post and I know a few of you may actually be here for this rant... so this is for you! This will contain SPOILERS... I warned you... leave now... You're still here... ok then.

The Mister...

I actually didn't mind the first 300 pages of this book. The slow burn was actually pretty good and the build up to the flame was well worth the wait. The plot line was decent and even though I wasn't head over heels with the writing it wasn't horrible by any means. I've read worse. I also really enjoyed that the book is mainly told from the dude's, Maxim's, point of view. It does teeter back and forth from Alessia to him but I think he is featured a little more. That being said... his character has a very typical player attitude at the beginning of the book to fall in love with Alessia whose character has much more depth then her counterpart.

Plot line is Maxim's brother, Kit, is a lord in England and passes away (suicide is hinted through out the book but is never confirmed). And Maxim screws his brother's widow.... yes not a good start but it is said that Maxim and Caroline had a fling in their younger years and Caroline chose Kit...(also hinted that she chose him because he is a lord). Anyway Maxim is very much a player who begins to fantasize about his new cleaner who is Alessia. He is also throughout the book very much struggling with his new lordship title and the death of his brother,

Now Alessia is from Albania and has escaped to London after being human trafficked while running away from her abusive soon to be husband...

Albania still has a section where women are still looked down upon. Seen not heard all of that. It is also ok to beat your wives and sell your daughters.

Anyway Alessia is a piano prodigy and Maxim who is also mildly into creating music in different ways bonds with her over it. At this point "immigration" shows up at Maxim's door and in reality its the two men who trafficked Alessia. So she spooks and takes off...

.....I mean seriously.....

This is honestly not what did the story loses me.

So Maxim goes to find her because he's taken her home in a snow storm and offers protection for not only her but the woman she is staying with and her son. And whisks Alessia off to a section of his estate that they basically AirBnb to locals or anyone and I'm gonna skip over most of this part because its mostly sex stuff and Maxim going when should I tell her I'm a lord and I'm in love with her. And Alessia going will they catch me and when do I tell Mister I love him..... *deep sigh* Eventually Maxim's flat is vandalized and he goes to the main house to deal with the fall out from it leaving Alessia alone. Someone the two guys have found her and attack beating her up before Maxim realizes something is wrong and goes back to the Hideout. Yes this is actually the name of the house. And finds them beating her and ends up getting them arrested.

Again, up to this point the book wasn't amazing but it wasn't horrible. I was sitting at giving it a solid 3.5 stars... wait for it.

Maxim sends Alessia back to the main house with one of the staff who tends to her and the staff member lets slip that Maxim is a lord.... now I'm all for honesty, I get why the girl might be irriatated. But though the book... Alessia continues to tell herself how much what Maxim has done for her means. Getting her new clothes offering her safety and shelter putting himself at risk. And these are the reasons she loves him.... This man literally has saved your life twice at this point as well as your friends... AND you know his brother just passed....and you go.... "HOW DARE HE NOT TELL ME HES A LORD"..... and attempt to storm off and leave him.... but can't because you get lost in his giant house.

There are many things wrong with this....

1. Alessia's character is not bitter and not easily angry up until this point.

2. One of her abducters calls her Maxim's concubine.... I'm sorry if your a man's consort or whatever I doubt unless your yoohoo is made of gold he's gonna protect and buy you all the things this man has in this short time.


Why do authors write women with no common sense so often? I swear.

ANYWAY.... Maxim finds her and convinces her to stay by saying he loves her. More sex and then they agree to go back to London to deal with the fall out of the burgulry. Maxim decides he needs to tell Caroline whose been blowing him up that he's in love that goes badly. Alessia is left at home and decides to leave to get food for dinner... who does she run into....


Who then kidnaps and takes her home. I'm sure you all can guess what happens between this and the ending. Maxim goes to Albania and finds Alessia after days of *cringe* awkwardness between her and her captor. Maxim tells her dad he's a lord and the dad magically decides that its ok for them to get married after Alessia tells him she may be pregnant to save Maxim from her dad shooting him....

Alright.... breaking it down.... The last half of this book was poorly written with a lot of plot holes and honestly was so predictable I sat wishing I was just done... I really do feel like even after the little hiccup that derailed me I hoped I could get back on board... But no... It was literally one thing after another after another...

And I think there may be a sequel... I genuinely wish I had highlighted some of the stuff that was wrong with the second half of this book including Alessia having a complete shift in character and deciding to hell with it... I'm going to be the biggest pain in the rear ever and get herself beaten again. And a very uncomfortable scene where she contemplates suicide and killing her fiancé. Just a lot that wasn't great at all.

So that's it! Rant done. Book gets 2.5 stars because it really tried and the beginning was solid for the most part.

These pages take me places.... and I seriously cannot wait to see where I go next because I'm buying a first class ticket to anywhere but here.


PS if you are new here I climbed my happy butt up into this tree to stage this picture fell out of it and seriously contemplated leaving this book up there.... but I like books and its not its fault... I had to throw tree seed things to get it out... so yeah.

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