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October... Was A Month.

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

Hey all!

It's November 1st and October flew by. It was a month full of amazing things and it was so crazy and busy I almost didn't survive.....BUT I did. Managed to read all the ARCs I was suppose to and put four books back on the shelves all it all it wasn't bad.

Let's look at this month's accomplishments.... shall we?

1. Turned 27.....I know this isn't a big deal to you but....27 feels.... scary ha!

2. Hit six amazing months on Bookstagram.

3. Held a super crazy giveaway (yes I will tell you who the winner is today!)

4. Received my first ARC from a publisher!

5. Finished my Oct ARC TBR (thank goodness I was a little scared it was like 13 books long....)

So overall it was a pretty stellar month for me in general. But I'm here to share with you my ranking for this months reads from worst to best. With their reasonings! I am only including the ARCs that I can clearly remember.... which isn't a great thing but this list would be so crazy long otherwise...

I finished a grand total of eight books that I can remember clearly in my brain of brains. All seven of those have been reviewed her on my blog except for one because I squeaked that sucker out last minute last night. It will be featured on tomorrow's blog entry.

October's Worst to Best!

8. Ricochet. If you read my Ricochet blog you know I had a lot a lot a lot of issues with the plot line as well as the ending. I also recently ranted about it on my Booktube which you can click here....

...and watch because I really get going. This was also the only book that is where it is because I did not enjoy it.

7. Ace of Shades. Once AoS got going.... I did enjoy it. It felt like author Amanda Foody kept the readers in the dark for a little to long... which made the characters come off annoying and needy. I also read this as a buddy read with two other girls and we all agreed that the main female lead, Enne, came off overly naive and very very judgey. When the truth started coming out the shift we felt in her character was very much appreciated. I will be continuing this series.

6. Call Me Maybe. This was a cute read. I love a good long distance romance book and this one had the groupie/bandboy trope as well. Cassie was British and that alone was so fun to read even though I had to double check the meanings of a few words here and there with Nel. The drama angle that I won't spoil for everyone was shocking and while I knew what the ending was going to be I really pulled for the later because.... while its not my most hated trope.... Its a variation and I really wanted it to be the opposite of what it was.... which is probably more petty then I need to be. Ha.

5. A Curse So Dark & Lonely. I enjoyed this Beauty and the Beast retelling and really appreciated Brigid Kemmerner's unique spin on they story. I loved the realm of Emberfall and her characters had a lot to give personality wise. I wasn't a huge fan of the romance angle of this story only because Rhen and Harper felt mismatched and like they had to end up together. I think their love fest could have been given a little more time to develop and I would have felt it fit better. I was also disappointed that I didn't feel like ACSDL didn't live up to the hype I had seen people giving it. I am however EXTREMELY obsessed with Grey and will be reading the ARC of A Heart So Fierce & Broken this month! So make sure you watch for that review here!

4. The Suite Life. This book was also an ARC I received that I both read and reviewed about two days before it released. It is also on my new Booktube video listed as one of my favorite ARCs of the month. I truly adored this story. It was such a simple storyline but with a wonderful friendship turned love. Leo captured my heart with his silly antics and Bree made me adore her with how hard she worked for her daughter. Melanie Summers wrote a really wonderful love story between two characters that helped each other grow and better themselves.

3. The Whisper Man. Author Alex North really knocked my socks off with this one. This was a folklore twisted thriller read that was deep enough to keep me as a reader invested in the story/characters. But simple enough I could keep up with all the twists and turns. I loved the background story I loved the widowed father trying to figure out how to do right by his son. There were a couple storylines I don't feel like were needed but gave life to the tale in a way that could be appreciated regardless.

2. Bring Me Their Hearts. Holy cow. I finished this book at 11:52 last night trying to get at least one more "regular" read in before the end of the month... and man. Sara Wolf got me. This story was creative and terrific. I want to be Zera. I want Lucian because he's a dreamy broken bad boy with a secret heart of gold...and I don't wanna be Heartless but I would be because Wolf makes it sound so freaking AWESOME. This is totally underrated YA fantasy read that I will be recommending to everyone. And I am immediately picking up its sequel Find Me Their Bones (which releases November 5th I have the ARC thank goodness that ending KILLED ME) and will be binge reading it.

1. Finally were here. WINTERWOOD. As much as I wasn't feeling this read early on it. I am completely head over heels with it now. Shea Ershaw creates a world that is so eerily similar to one we could all be in and it felt so real and raw. While I wasn't a huge fan of the characters early on but as the story grew and morphed I couldn't help myself.... Nora was endearing through the entire story and really felt like a real genuine person. I LOVED this book by the end of it. Again check today's Booktube video to find out why.

THIS IS A MUST READ. Comes out November 5th. Buy it. DO IT THANK ME LATER!

That is it ladies and gentleman my read list from October ranked!

Now without further ado. I gained ten wonderful new subscribers from this giveaway so thank you to all my old and all my new! I was shocked to see I ended up with close to 70 entries for this giveaway! But my blog giveaway winner is.....

Number 57! tea.magic.books!

Hun I know how hard you worked to win one of the three giveaways and... ITS HERE! YOU WON! CONGRATS! Ha! Please DM on Insta with your booklist with five titles OR your preorder and address and I will be sending you three outta your five or the soon to be book of your choice!

HUGE thank you to everyone again who entered! Please don't worry I will be doing many many many more giveaways!

These pages take me places and I cannot wait to see where we go next!

All the best!




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