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  • Erin Haggerty

Obsessed with Stalking Jack the Ripper!!

Hey guys!

I am so so so so SO freaking excited about this review and this read in general. Its not often I finish a book then turn around and immediately go out and buy the next one... Stalking Jack the Ripper did that with no questions asked.

Kerri Maniscalco really knocked it outta the park on this one for me for multiple reasons but by far the most important to me is the fact that she stalked so genuinely close to the actual happenings. She literally fit a book inside the real life events!!! I mean that in and of itself is mind boggling impressive! Down to the names! I mean I'm still shook to the core. I am obsessed with the story of Jack the Ripper. Have read all the theories, seen all the "evidence" and even went as far as to make my own assumptions on who done it. So for an author to encompass so so so much of the true events means so much to someone who loves the insanely addicting tale of Jack the Ripper.

Another fave about this book for me was Audrey Rose Wadsworth. I adore her character to the core. I love a period woman who wants to break the mold. These always make for such awesome reads since you know the passion and desire it takes to walk against the current of society. I feel like it automatically gives the person a whole other level development wise. Not only do I love dear Wadsworth but I love how she toes the line of emotional and studious. I think all great character development comes from an internal struggle of a person as well as the happenings in a story. Audrey wants to be as calloused as a man when it comes to the severity of her career choice but I believe that being emotionally involved to a certain extent will do her well over the course of the next few books. Where as Cresswell is so black and white when it comes down to trying to find answers... I think these two will compliment each other nicely through the series.... mind you I am obsessed with the genius Cresswell and his flirty inappropriate flirtations with Wadsworth. I mean they truly are couple goals and may end up being one of my favorite OTP's of all the fandoms.

I'm so excited to pick up the next book and dive in but I am trying so hard to be good since I have so many group/buddy/ARCS/spooky-must-read-in-October books in this month's TBR pile. But.... it is definitely going to be a massive challenge to not pick this up sooner.

Tomorrow is Friday and that means there will be a new BookTube up! This weeks video is entitled Why Do I Do This To Myself..... and is basically a video breaking down why each book in my TBR this month.... is in my TBR for this month. Ha. Cannot blame anyone but myself! If you haven't already entered I am currently hosting a giveaway on my Bookstagram page for a box full of bookish goodies! Make sure to check it out!!

Next up I am currently reading Ace of Shades by Amanda Foody with a few friends which is a young adult fantasy read and will be starting an ARC for Call Me, Maybe which is a young adult romance. I normally try to team up a digital ARC with a hard copy read so I am always able to read something somewhere. I also stagger the genres so there's hardly any crossover as well. But I am super excited to be reading some wonderful books with a few different groups of bookish friends this month. I may have bit off quite a bit but hey what is life without a little challenge!

These pages take me places! And I cannot wait to see where we go next!

Thank you all!

All my love!




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