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November Break Down!!

Hey all!

Hoping to get this typed up and posted quickly so I can finish the 300 plus pages in The Bone Witch done before midnight so I can count it as a November read..... I don't think its gonna happen especially since I have two ARCs that release December 3rd and really wanna get both started and finished before they release.... Ah the pressure....It's never boring.

SOOOOO... Here we go!!

This month I finished (this is without The Bone Witch....)

- 12 books total

- 7 of those were ARCS

Here's the breakdown!

Every Second Breath: This was more of a thriller read with a great plot line. I enjoyed the authors writing style as well as the twists and turns of this read. I really struggled with the main character in this book as she came off stubborn and unintelligent when it comes to protecting her life as well as those around her. While she is a teenager she came off super selfish in a lot of instances and I just really didn't like her. But this book was really exciting and the idea of teens being controlled by a larger cause and reeking havoc made for an intense read.

Rating: 4/5

Find Me Their Bones: This was definitely one of my favorite reads this month. Zera is literally everything and her love/hate with Lucien makes my heart melt. Between the plot carrying on perfectly from the first book and the direction the read takes... I have nothing to say that I haven't already said. These books are EPIC and are a total must read! Plot = perfection. Characters = perfection. Love story = perfection. INSANE AND ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL PLOT TWIST THAT MAKES MY SOUL DIE..... obvious perfection.

Rating: 5/5

The Princess Problem: This was not a book I would have EVER picked out for myself.... I didn't mind it but by no means did I love this book in any way. A girl find out she is a missing princess and doesn't wanna be. But she likes her hot body guard... who ends up being the only reason she stays in the new country through the book. While the adult scenes were well written I really struggled with the plot line and all the coincidences such as the body guard's dad being the reason the princess goes missing..... blah blah blah. NOT ONLY THAT BUT (semi spoiler).... if someone kidnapped the princess whether it was their fault technically or not... they still took a princess to the US and gave her a whole new identity and all that.... someone would still be in trouble.

Rating: 3/5

Ravenous: While this wasn't my favorite in the series it was still very well written and sexy. Mind you I'm a little over all the "omg I can't believe this is connected" moments in this series. While your world is small..... its not this small. Anyway. I think that for a thrilling romantic read it wasn't bad but definitely wasn't as great as those that came before it!

Rating: 3/5

The Guinevere Deception: This book was so so so so so so so slow. BUT the ending really makes up for the entire read being a little lackluster overall. I liked that this book showcased some LBGT as well as did a decent job retelling King Arthur with some new twists.

Rating: 3/5

Open House: This was just a cute fun and very quick read. Perfect fit for all the heavy fantasy reads to cleanse and get me ready to finish out the month strong. It was a very simple story line with some super steamy hot scenes and a lot of flirty but awkward moments.

Rating: 4/5

Where The World Ends: This book messed me up. It was a dark kinda eye opening read with a lot of heavy content that really makes a person put things into perspective. While I'm not completely sure I "enjoyed" this book it was definitely a book I needed to read. I felt very grounded and grateful after finishing it. Extremely well written and very honest in the age its written in. I still have some pretty intense feelings involved with this read. It's truly unsettled me in a very real and honest way.

Rating: 4/5

The Firefighter's Cinderella: This was another truly wonderful romance read. I loved the characters' fire for each other and the transformation of both of them through the read. Loads of heat, sass and passion in this one.

Rating: 4/5

Serpent & Dove: THIS BOOK WAS SO AMAZING. Author creates a phenomenal magic system in which equality rules all. The love/hate between characters is so genuinely cringe worthy in that you know they are falling for each other kinda way. The plot of this book is spelling binding with so much detail and thought you see how much work the author really cared and wanted this story to succeed and I enjoyed every second of this book immensely!

Rating: 5/5

The Wren Hunt: This book was very... intense. There was a lot and a lot more info that is given to the reader in fast succession. And while I remember a lot of the details of this book.... attempting to explain it to another person has proven very difficult. I liked a lot of the lore in this book and the blood feud between auger/judge. I am intrigued and will be reading The Wickerlight which is book two. This month to hopefully close the book on a lot of my questions and will hopefully make the book a little easier to chat about. The amount of effort and thought put into this book is insane and the writing is extremely enjoyable.

Rating: 4/5

The Cruel Prince: While I haven't review this book officially on my page yet.... as I am hoping to finish the series quickly. I will share a few thoughts here. I liked Jude and her fire. I dislike Carden.... he's a bitch. Ha. I do not really get into picking on the girl you like to get her attention. But I love the world that the author has created for these characters. I am planning to read Wicked King in the next month so I'm hoping Carden grows on me. But I will say this unpopular opinion.... I do not get the craziness of this series just yet. I'm down to get swept up in it though so fingers crossed.

Rating: 4/5

Daughter of Smoke & Bone: Another book that will be reviewed as a series cause crazies are making me binge read these.... This was my first Laini Taylor read... I have quite a few friends who have just gone batty over her. I enjoyed the story line of this story. I did age up the characters of this book mainly because I hate the fact that seventeen year olds can be so "mature" and make these kinda adult life choices that at age seventeen for me I barely could chose to get outta bed on time for school. I loved Karou and Akiva and their little flirty flirt selves and I love Akita's history. Plus the wishbone concept is completely adorable even though it brings the whole world crashing down! Overall this was a super thoughtful and unique in a lot of ways and I am intrigued to see where things go next.

Rating: 4/5

Alright there you have it!!! I will amend this post if I finish The Bone Witch this evening but there is my November in a nutshell!

Thank you all so much hope the Americans had a great Thanksgiving weekend and have all survived the food induced comas! And everyone else I hope you had an amazing weekend in total!!

These pages take me places and I cannot wait to see where we go next!!

All my love!




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