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  • Erin Haggerty

Not My Favorite Retelling....

Hey all...

I've been neglecting you and avoiding writing my review over this book which has just really..... pushed everything back and now I'm behind! Ha. So that's good... not really but its time. I've avoided it and now... Alright. This review is over Dark and Deepest Red by Anna-Marie McLemore.... and I feel really awful because I didn't overly enjoy this book. So lets jump into why.

I think a huge reason I didn't really dig this book was because I have literally NEVER even heard of the original story this is a retelling of. Even sitting her after finding out its a retelling I cannot remember the name of the original.... Not only that but I don't remember much about this story... I remember liking the author's writing but never truly investing in this book. Now this could be for a multitude of reasons. But before we talk about why I think I didn't attach myself to this... I wanna point out somethings I did find compelling about it.

1. This author really did a good job of transporting the reader with her descriptions. Her writing style was wonderful and super easy to enjoy.

2. There is some hardcore LGBTQ representation here and I am HERE for it. McLemore does a super job of bringing its origin story into the new age.

3. The story was dark and had a nice momentum to it. Even with not being super into it I didn't think it lagged.

4. This cover.

Now for why I don't really like this book. I really wise I could tell you. I have read a lot of fabulous books as of lately not only that but reading in December for me.... was literal hell. I packed way to much into a month and it showed a few times in my reviews and I just genuinely feel.... a little burnt out. And maybe this book took the brunt of it.... But there is something to be said about to many things happening and altering a story a little to much maybe. Without being super familiar with the origin I don't really know how different it was. This book had a lot of balls in the air and it felt overwhelming in places. Overall I felt like it was just kinda blah and that very well could be on me.

I hate leaving this kinda reviews cause I genuinely hate being that person but I have seen so many good reviews for this book from other people so I'm really not sure what or how I feel about this. So read it and tell me your thoughts!

These pages take me places! And I am so ready for the next thing!

All my love!




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