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My Insatiable Love for This Series.

Hey guys....

This was suppose to be the end of an era. Insatiable was SUPPOSED to be the final book in the Steel Brothers Saga... Supposed to be. But... Helen recently announced that there will be an additional three books for the father in the story.... And I have so many mixed feelings about it. So first we are gonna touch on Insatiable and then I will rant about this.... unorthodox decision to extend the series.... So hold on to you seats kids.... this is gonna be a bumpy ride...

Alright. So Insatiable by the lovely Helen Hardt came out in January and is book twelve in the Steel Bros series. As many of you know I LOVE this series. Its got a dynamic group of characters all battling their own demons and battling the emotions as well as the ripples that come with the families dark past. So the plot goes from Talon to Jonah to Ryan and the story comes closer and closer into focus. And by the end of Ryan's trio of books we have a lot of the answers we need to be able to close out and be done. But we forgot about Marjorie Steel the youngest Steel sibling and so she needed three books as well....

That being said.... and this will be harsh because overall I really really loved a lot about this series.

This was by far the most upsetting grouping of books in this series. I think that my biggest problem with this section of the series was not the pairing of Bryce and Marj... not some of the more ridiculous plot twists... but just how over the top the series had become... I am really really going to try and not be spoilery as I try to explain why I have lost love for this series.... But man... there was only so much crazy that can happen in this kinda story. It finally began to feel overwhelming and like a bad soap opera. Which I ended up reading it like and it really did help. Overall.... it really really feels like a money grab.... both Marj's part of these books and their dads. And that is totally my pet peeve when it comes to these series that I love so intensely. When you start branching of in ridiculous ways/adding new story lines that stray from the main cast.... It really really has to be well done or for me its a total let down... I cannot say I loved this portion of the series like I did the other and I am bummed about it.

DISCLAIMER.... Without saying anything else.... THIS ENDING WAS SUCH A COP OUT. That is all.

Now to be fair. This series is still spicy and the chemistry between characters is still insanely well written. The books are still extremely interesting once you get past the cliche moments and it still keeps you guessing. So I gave this book a three and a half star rating overall. It just wasn't my favorite but man for adult content this book was a total ten!

Thanks for coming back!

These pages take me places and I cannot wait to see where we go next!

All my love!


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