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Love Lose or Lame

Hey all...

... really trying to get back on the A game reading and reviewing wise.... the struggle bus has a cheap fare though and I quite enjoy a good deal. But I have finished another book bringing my grand total for this month as of now... to six.... ya me. So much sadness. Anywho. This review is over Tessa Bailey's second book in the Hot and Hammered series, Love Her or Lose Her.

If you remember a few months back I gushed about Bailey's Fix Her Up which is book one.... This one was just as spicy sexy wise but I struggled with it more then I did Fix Her Up. Here's why.

While I love second chance romances this one had a lot of levels to it. Rose and Dominic have been married for ten years and Rosie realizes she isn't happy. She leaves him to later say that if he goes through last chance counseling she will consider taking him back. This poor man ends up at a hippie counselor's office and is a fairly good sport for the entirety of the sessions and blah blah blah. The one rule. No sex. So most of the good stuff is flash backs of these two dry humping as teens or phone sex. Both of which were extremely sexy and gratifying. This is where the book started to lose me.... Rosie is confronted with the truth that she also lacked in the marriage and its kinda like.... all bets are off.... Theres a secret that Dom has been keeping and he choses not to tell her as things get better and instead encourages her to chase after her dream to have her own restaurant. She of course finds out about the secret and freaks out causing the will they won't they moment in the book (after already having many) and I lost the urge to continue cause this was one of those situations that I rolled my eyes hardcore at. But the book was well done with some funny moments and really felt authentic to the rebuilding of a love that two people thought would last forever.

So while I didn't love it nearly as much as I loved Fix Her Up..... Love Her or Lose Her gets a solid 4 star rating from this girl!

These pages take me places and I cannot wait to see where we go next.

Thanks for coming back!

All my love!


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