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  • Erin Haggerty

Levenseller With The W!

Hey what's up hello!!

Hey guys its been most of March since I last posted. Things in the world are obviously going alittle haywire! I am currently quarantining myself from my family and Ryan due to the fact that one of my families recently flew a highly contaminated area.... Needless to say while planning a wedding that is only a little more then 40 days away... its only basically endlessly stressful. So that is fun. But I am here to tell you all about my first finished read for March! The Shadows Between Us by Tricia Levenseller was fan-freaking-tastic and I am so pumped to sell you on reading this book.

So lets start off with the main character of this book being an absolute badass. The first line of the book is literally about how no one will find the body of her first lover..... What a hook. Alessandra is a progressive female lead who really grew on me as the book evolved. I think she had an amazing character arc. She had all the making for amazing anti-hero and I loved the slight quirks to her personality. It gave the story a little extra without distracting and gave Alessandra even more dimension. I loved everything about our Shadow King aka Kassian as well. He was adorably clueless and wonderful and I shipped them so hard. I haven't been so invested in a coupling in a long time... *cough* Cresswell. *cough* Wadsworth. *cough cough* Anywho. Kassian had a wonderful amount of dimension as well with an amazingly constructed back story.

On top of the awesome character structure I loved the overall tone of woman equality that raged out of the pages of this book. Totally epic that our heroine's entire identity was surrounded by the idea she wanted to make changes to their empire for the betterment of women. The idea of women getting to sleep with who they want to and not be judged by society. Women getting to chose their own suitors versus being traded. While many of these issues are no longer relevant, the dedication to making this change, really made the roughness of Alessandra from early in the book feel justifiable. And gave us a reason to cheer on her character instead of watching her just be spiteful.

I also really loved the pacing and writing style of this book. Levenseller was so thoughtful with not only the main romantic plot aspects but with the side relationships as well. Between all the ladies and their suitors to the ones who were pawns in Alessandra's grand scheme. And the chemistry between the characters... Oh my goodness. I am really really really going to keep a lid on things so that this isn't spoilery but HOLY COW. This plot was so well thought through and I enjoyed it to the point I am very very sad that there is nothing coming next. Basically destroyed by this... Honestly.

This book was a five star read for sure. I loved the ups and downs and the will they won't they vibes. This book had murder, lust and betrayal of the best nature. This was a truly unique story with heart shattering moments and glorious darkness from all characters.

These pages take me places! And I will be stuck at home reading (happily).... So that's where I'll be if you need me!

Please everyone be safe, stay home, and crack open that book on your TBR that you have been putting off for way to long.

All my love!




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