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  • Erin Haggerty

Let's Get Stuck in Winterwood!


I'm back with a very much anticipated read from a lot of you! This review will be over Winterwood by Shea Ershaw. I was so excited when I got approved on NetGalley for this title because I had heard so many amazing thing about her writing in Wicked Deep which has been on my TBR for WAYYYYYYYY to long. I had planned to try and get it read this month before I read Winterwood but.... October threw a bunch of books at me that needed mot be reviewed quickly before they came out because I put it off so long. Ha. So I made it Winterwood which comes out November 5th and man I cannot wait to share my thought with you all. So lets just go ahead and chat!

Let me start off by saying the Ershaw is a extremely skilled writer. The description she used is absolutely breathtaking. The storytelling is so full of imagery and it rolls and immerses you fully into the world she has created. You feel the snow and see the darkness. I was taken aback when I realized that she staged this entire book into a snowed in area around a lake surrounded by woods. For some writing closing a world down like that could be crippling. Ershaw created magic and used it to her advantage to give the woods their own characterization almost.

I will say that it took forever for this book to get going in the idea that we meet Oliver and then its a lot of build up. It seems very slow moving as we work our way into being introduced to the other players in the book. And while I feel like Ershaw created a really well rounded main character, Nora.... the supporting cast including Oliver really felt a little flat for me. I will say that once I finished the book... I don't wonder if Oliver was written flat for a reason? Nora was everything I want in a leading woman. Even though she is young she does not shy away from who she is, as well as stands up for what she believes in. While she wasn't what I would characterize as fierce there is definitely a fire inside her. I also loved that Ershaw didn't have Nora find her nightshade or power until she needed it. I loved that she spent most of the book with very basic witch skills which proved to me her worth. The storyline made it hard to really see any sort of character arc as well since the entire book happens over the course of maybe a week. And that alone made the romance angle between Nora and Oliver feel rushed and almost forced. But again I wonder if that was an intentional nod at the ending. But I totally ended up on board the Norver ship train.

Last point of this review is the ending. No there are no spoilers here BUT.... This type of ending ALWAYS makes me roll my eye and immediately begin to dislike a book. Ershaw managed to concoct an amazing ending to this novel that was so tropey... but I am not mad at it at all. Because it felt right. Nora's character as a whole made me enjoy this ending. Not only that but the interactions between the characters at the end didn't come off cheesy or over the top in the way that this ending normally reads to me. So I am completely baffled and impressed that one of my hot button tropes was written so fantastically. And as a reviewer who really tries not to hand out five star ratings all that often I have got to hand it to Shea Ershaw and say she and Winterwood totally deserve it!

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