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Just A Mild Rainstorm For Me.

Hey all this is apparently the week that keeps on giving blog wise. Back to back 3 blogs... Ha and tomorrow there will be my first blog post working with MTMC Tours to do a cover review for a new book coming out soon! So big things in the works. Tomorrow is also Friday which means as long as I get it filmed.... I'll have a new YouTube video up as well!! So go team!

This review is over a book I read with my fantasy book club. Storm and Fury is author Jennifer L. Armentrout's newest release as well as a spin off of her popular Dark Elements series. So as a spin off you seem quite a few of the characters from that series in this one. Starting off this book was very slow and almost kept to many secrets including what Trinity's mystical back ground is as well as what illness effects her eyesight. And while I loved the fact that the main character and the hopeful heroine had a disability it felt like what she was able to do was completely unrealistic in the way Armentrout described it. We would go from not being able to see a person's face to kicking a demon's ass with flips and knives over the course of three or four paragraphs. It just didn't feel consistent and made it really hard to appreciate Trinity's struggle. Another thing I struggled with was the character's ages. Trinity is 18 and her love interest Zayne is 21. So in a lot of ways this book felt... odd. I end up aging both of the characters up a few years because if just didn't read well as two people so young.... The middle of the story drug on and on because events in the book needed days to happen and so we spent a lot of time in Zayne's apartment watching him and Trinity tiptoe awkwardly around each other with little flashes of the desperate kindling of their extremely slow burn romance. Not only that but we ended up with a dry hump scene that I cringed my way through because I felt like the author needed to keep them "young ad innocent".

So I obviously had a LOT of issues with this read and was originally looking at giving it a two star rating because it was at least a unique plot line with new creatures I wasn't really familiar with. But then I hit the last third of the book... and it was like someone finally turned on the Open sign in a store. All the threads came together and started moving towards the climax and we began to see all the answers to all of the questions from the beginning of the book as well as seeing who has been pulling all of strings causing problems and destroying lives.... as well as who is responsible for that person. HA! This person was just a puppet! But the ending of this book completely saved it for me and I could believe how much I enjoyed the climax and conclusion after struggle bussing through the first two-thirds of the story. And because I loved and obsessed over this ending I ended up rating the book three stars because I was so shook. So overall I will be here for the second book which title has just been released as well as the cover in hopes that it keeps with the momentum of the last 200 pages of Storm and Fury.

Disclaimer: Our book club was pretty split on this book. A couple of the lovely ladies could not stop raving about how much their enjoyed this read. And there were a few like me who were very underwhelmed with it. So I definitely suggest reading it for yourself to form your own opinions about it!

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