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Josh & Hazel Steal My Heart!

Updated: Aug 3, 2019

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Thanks for stopping in for what I'm hoping will be just as entertaining a review as The Mister... boo hiss.

Today I'm touching base on Josh & Hazel's Guide to Not Dating by Christina Lauren. And if you follow me on Instagram or know me well... you know that I love Christina Lauren. So lets dive in! AGAIN....Spoiler alert now!

So we start out with young Hazel and Josh in college where Hazel, an eccentric young women who repeatedly makes a fool of herself in multiple scenarios involving Josh Im, who is madly crushing on. P.S. she totally owns it all as well as her quirky and wonderful personality!

Flash Forward 7 years and we come in on Hazel cleaning out her classroom for summer as well as is patiently waiting to find out if she has scored a new job. She then attends a BBQ her bestie is throwing with her husband who is also possibly Hazel's new boss. Hazel scores the job and begins to get to know the other teachers from her new school when she is faced with Josh who happens to be Emily (the best friend)'s brother. Hazel convinces Josh that they will become best friends and coaxes him to spend time with her. It is then that Josh receives a incriminating text from his girlfriend. After a while Hazel's apartment floods and Emily convinces Josh who has decided to fly out to see Tabby (the girlfriend) to let Hazel stay in his apartment. He comes home early after finding out Tabby is a cheating whore. Hazel not knowing Josh is coming home ends up hitting him with an umbrella.... not super important but super funny!

So they live together while Hazel's apartment is getting fixed up and make a deal to find each other someone to date/bone. They go on a couple dates but nothing works out. And then Hazel moves out. Its at this point that Hazel who already has feelings for Josh grow stronger. And Josh begins to develop feelings for Hazel... but of course since they are besties neither want to ruin the friendship. They continue to set each other up and date number seven ends so disastrously that they end up going back to Hazel's after drinking and hook up on the floor!!!! It was classy I tell ya! Both agree it was a one time thing even though they were both totally into it. Emily tells Josh not to act on his feelings if he isn't sure.

BUT... as they continue to find dates... Josh accidentally brings Hazel's ex Tyler.... whose a complete and utter jackass.... and he apologizes for being a dick in college and using Hazel as his booty call for two years. After the date Josh takes the girl he is set up with home and Hazel returns to her apartment an emotional wreck, Josh uses his key to come in and finds her upset and comforts her. He ends up staying the night and they end up dry humping to almost completion and then decide to have sex since they basically we're anyway.

**BEST SEX SCENE OF THE BOOK** In case you wanted to know... thank me later!

The next morning they discuss Tyler and what their second sexual encounter means. Josh ends up telling Hazel to see what happens with Tyler if that is what she wants. Hazel feels as if this is Josh's way of telling her he isn't interest in her still. So she ends up asking Tyler on a date that doesn't go well and is then interrupted by Josh and a date of his own. The four of them decide to go on another group date. So this date goes bad as well where Tyler insults Hazel by basically telling her she's embarrassing him in which Josh then stands up to Tyler to protect Hazel's honor. It is this moment Hazel decides to act on her feelings.

Hazel tells Emily what's she thinking but ends up passing out while they are shopping. Turns out Hazel is pregnant with Josh's child. Josh ends up coming to Hazel's to try and win her heart. And does finally. During the celebration sex Hazel begins to bleed and freaks out. Josh doesn't understand but believes it was due to rough sex. The next morning he finds her ultra sound and they celebrate.


This book was so honestly written and I appreciate that throughly. I feel like the characters grow together and learn from each other. I also love the fact that the pregnancy didn't spook Josh as I feel like many authors would chose that direction. This story is so wonderful and genuine and Josh's feelings changing just because Hazel is Hazel just strikes such a deep cord with me. But my favorite aspect of this book is the fact that Hazel is so true to who she is even if it means that people find her strange.

That's it guys! I give Josh & Hazel 4.5 stars! This was a great read!

These pages take me places... and I can't wait to see where I go next!!

Thanks all!



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