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It's June Now....

Hey all! *tap dances* Gotta keep you all invested in my greatness since its short supply as of late! I have gotten so so so bad about reviews and I need to get better again cause.... Yeah. Quarantine really has been this all out schedule ruiner. Sleep, reading, work! I mean... damn. BUUUUUUUUTTTTTTTTT.

I IS HERE! SO Hello! If you guys come read often your gonna see my site change a bit here soon. Gonna switch out a few things and maybe do some restructuring. Also looking into some theme changes on my Booksta so I am excited to do some experimenting and see where it takes me!

I also have a review for you all over Bernd Perplies's Black Leviathan! I have never read a Moby Dick retelling before but my dad was a HUGE fan of the book when he was younger.... and that man is not a reader in any sense of the word. So when I stumbled upon a book that reimagined a classic (that was so well loved by someone I love) and DRAGONS..... I had to try it.

I really really really was taken in and consumed by the world in this book. Gems that give you power to fly and the idea of flying ships in turn.... obsessed. This setting of small rustic towns to the sky heavens full of winged beasts to the mysterious wilds that our young hero gets lost in. All so beautifully and vividly described it was literally impossible to not picture it. Perplies really does an amazing job of creating creatures and painting them so they are easy to enjoy mentally. So this book played out so intensely in my imagination is was wonderful.

I also enjoyed the character arcs in the story while I do think they all were very simple. Even the captain of the boat who is on the hunt for his white whale. It feel super minimalistic so it was very easy to follow without feeling like you could be forgetting something. I will say I was not impressed by the small and awkward bit of romance that was slide into this story.... it felt unnecessary since it literally had zero effect on the story... and just felt odd.

Without spoilers... it's hard to describe the larger issue I had with this book. Which was... two parts.... One. I felt like the ending was rushed... we were one place and boom over. And two... I felt like there were a few things I would have liked closure on... that I didn't get. Which sucks with a stand alone like this. The ending of this book while good.... just felt off and that was disappointing.

Over all I gave Black Leviathan by Brand Perplies a solid three point seven five stars. This book was lovely. Characters. World. All of it so meticulously created. But the ending really left me wanting more and wondering. Which I guess could be a thing some authors go for. But I was not a fan!

These pages take me places and I have been many more places that you haven't read the review for yet because I'm way behind on adulting and life.... GO ME!

Thanks for coming and checking in! I will see you all super soon!

All the best!


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