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  • Erin Haggerty

I Wish I Were A Heartless.....

Hey all!

If you know what a heartless is then you know I definitely don't wanna be one but I am overly obsessed with Bring Me Their Hearts! I won this book in a giveaway hosted by Entangled Teen and that's where this all started. A month or so after I received my copy of Bring Me Their Hearts I was approached to do a cover reveal for the soon to be released (at that time) paperback of it! As a thank you from Entangled Teen I got the paperback of BMTH and the ARC for Find Me Their Bones. Which I was stoked for! Mind you FMTB come out on the 5th of November so my time to finish and review before its out is slowly ticking away.

But as you can guess this is review for the first book Bring Me Their Hearts by Sara Wolf! Lets jump in!

So I'm going to start off by saying that I completely and utterly enjoyed this book to within an inch of my life.... The concept of witches taking the hearts from humans and transforming them into their slaves is so enthralling to me. Not only that but warring with humans!? Yes please. Zera is my new WCW (woman crush Wednesday if you don't know) and I love her and Lucien so much. I love an all around snarky couple. Hardcore ship status.

Let's stop fan girling and actually give some real reason shall we?

Sara Wolf has a rich and wonderfully descriptive way of portraying the issues between the humans and the witches. I really enjoyed how much depth every single character has and the reasons to their stance when in comes to the impending war. Wolf has an all-star cast of female characters all unique but also all with their own history involving witches as well as their interactions between the other characters. The dialogue of this book is so spunky and sassy and full of humor that every member of the group grew on me. I am also fascinated at betrayal between the humans as well and the clash of Lucien and Gavik.

Zera who is our main character and a heartless has such a range through this book which makes my desire for her success triple. Now her goal is to steal Prince Lucien's heart and make him a heartless as well. In hopes to tip the scales in the witches favor and to stop the war that is coming. Zera gets her heart back if she succeeds. Which is literally everything to her. But through the book we see her become almost more and more human and remember what that feels like as she creates these friendships and relationships with the other characters. And even though she is fighting the hunger in her mind she is very much aware of the emotions that her heart would be feeling if she still had it. Wolf gives her such a strong dynamic and creates a lead character that even as an anti-hero makes you want her to figure out an alternative in which it all comes together. And it was refreshing for me as even though I do find myself pulling for the main characters in most of my reads.... Zera gave me more. And I attached myself to her...

My last and final point to this books greatness...... THAT ENDING THO!!! No spoilers but DAMN!!!!!!!

I am so ready to dive head first into the second book and I'm trying to knock out all my adulting to be able to do nothing but read it. HA! I gave this book five stars for creativity, creating a cast of rich dynamic characters and for making a lead character that gave me so much range I can't stop obsessing.

Thank you all for coming back and I hope you pick up this book ASAP!

These pages take me places! And I'm going back to be with Zera now. TA!

All the best!




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