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  • Erin Haggerty

I Wanted More Blood!

Another day another review!!!

Hey all!

I'm cranking out my review left and right in hopes that I can stay on finish up all the January reviews quickly once we enter into February. That being said! Ive got this one and at least one more (hoping for two). So I am staying pretty on top of things. For once!

Anywho! This review if over Blood Countess by Lana Popovic which just recently released! I got a chance to review it before it published and I was so psyched for cause Elizabeth Bathory is my jam. Does anyone remember the movie Stay Alive with that cutie Frankie Muniz? Yeah that was also based on Bathory's horror story and I was like fourteen and obsessed and literally gave myself nightmares for months because I went and read everything I could on the mad woman.... So needless to say when I saw a novel based roughly on her I needed it. And I needed it bad.

This book did a decent job of sticking fairly close to the origin story of Elizabeth Bathory which I applaud because when you base something off of real happenings... sticking to the script is key in a lot of ways. There are a few differences like number of children and how old she was when she was married but honestly. The main points where the same. Bathory was a horrific woman with a temper and a blood lust. She murdered countless young women in torturous ways and then both consumed and bathed in their blood in hopes to retain her youth. This book was basically a shortened version of those events where it happens over the course of a year to a few years where is slowly escalates to the blood bath it was in real life. So there were some clear differences in the book versus real life but the soul of Bathory stayed true. While I liked that a lot of original lore was featured in the story. The amount of killing that Bathory was responsible for and crazy versions of torture the woman used where not. This was by far a very mild retelling of her tale. Which kinda knocked off points a little cause I expected it be much more intense.

Now I really liked a lot about this book. I loved the relationship between Elizabeth and Anna. With Anna being so young and capturing the eye of the stunning countess so much of this relationship felt honest and like your first love. Not only that but it was a very accurate account of what the beginning to end stages of an unhealthy relationship look like which I think is important to showcase in the Young Adult genre. I like Anna's character as a match to Bathory's and her ever caring soul not only tending to those who faced the wrath of the Blood Countess but working to counteract that as well. This story was obviously dark and had to be constructed thoughtfully for a younger audience. Popovic really took care into structuring the book in a way that read honestly. The controlling nature of Elizabeth and innocence of Anna really create a great venue to have the convo about safe relationships.

I also really liked the ending of this book. Now I won't discuss to deeply because I don't want to be spoilery but since the nut bag was walled up in her own tower and left there when she was finally caught.... It felt like an appropriate ending.

I gave Blood Countess by Lana Popovic a three and half star rating because while I enjoyed the retelling and much more tame version of the tale. I was expecting more in the way of showcasing Elizabeth Bathory's really story. I think this was a tasteful take on it but it could have been constructed in a much more detailed way. But I did enjoy it.

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