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I've Now Meet The Folk

Hey all its ya girl!

And I'm back with my overall series review of Holly Black's The Folk of the Air series. Mind you and yes this is throwing a bit of shade at the naming of this series..... I don't get it. But anyway. I am going to write my review of the series first.... and then break down each read in the simplest way possible and cover all my bases and hopefully make you all happy with my thoughts... So lets jump in!

This series was just as good as everyone said it was. I was pleasantly surprised by it overall because while it didn't sound like a lack luster read at all. The synopsis of the first book didn't grab me like everyone told me it would. I really enjoyed the way Black structured this world with it being almost parallel to the human world. I also loved the fact Jude was mortal and was such a firecracker to all the faerie. Love a stubborn human. I also want to applaud the character growth in this series. I feel like all over the characters even the minor ones... really changed and grew within the books. The Cruel Prince really set a nice pace with the whole will be king and all that. Not only that but the level of betrayals in this book. UGH! I love characters who turn on each other. One of my favorite tropes is tricky fae and honestly I loved the wine and food basically being drugged (as dark as that sounds) and all the nasty not niceness from the immortal characters. Not only did it make Jude a well rounded and well liked character in my book.... its gave her so much in the way of her character between wanting to protect her brother as well as being strong in her own way. I also love the concept of picking on the girl you like. Carden is your typical school yard bully pulling the pigtail of the girl he adores most and I loved it. While I know a lot of people who are way past thinking its abusive and wrong in this day and age.... I like it. And I love that their lusty love story snakes through the story arc so nicely. Their slow burn gave me chills. I also as mean as it really loved the Locke pinned the twins against each other. Taryn will forever be blacklisted in my brain. The Wicked King was really the turning point from where I went from this is a good book to oh man I'm really digging this. It honestly was my favorite out of the whole series just because I feel like the story really got its momentum from it. The unraveling of complex/past relationships really gave the story more dimension and showed just how many moving cogs there are in the grand scheme of this book series. Plus the ending of this book with *SPOILER* Jude being banished was just everything. The Queen of Nothing was a wonderful ending to this series closing things up in a way that made me feel validated (I hate when everyone lives ha.) But also really did all the characters justice.

The Cruel Prince was give four stars by me. The Cruel Prince had a very nice clip to it. Locke was literally everything to me through this book and I really didn't find my addiction my asshole Carden until the very end of this book. I was seriously thinking I would never see the prince in anyway but annoying. But Black really does a great job of building up to the murder of all the possibly heirs to the throne. And I love that mortals can lie and faeries can't way to give the girl a leg up in the world. The world building in this series is amazing and while I did think this book slowed at moments it wasn't enough to keep me distracted for long.

The Wicked King was given four and half stars by me on Goodreads. I really think this book made the series honestly. We see growth in all the characters both positive and negative as well as what those shifts do to the relationships involved. We also get deep plot changes that not only give the book much more in the way of action, but we see the every revolving door of betrayal that really gives this series its unique pull for me. I also really got into seeing the different in the realms of Elfhame the descriptions of everything are lovely.

The Queen of Nothing got four and half stars from me as well! I loved the ending to this series. I want everyone to die in a book like this cause I think it shows that an author's worth on if they can murder off their characters. This was a tastefully done way of not killing everyone off that I can get behind. I think this book had a lot of building that needed to be done in the way of buttoning up and closing doors and Black really did it nicely. Not only that but I applaud her on knowing when to end a series. I think that other authors would have milked this fandom for all they could but Black really was thoughtful in her plot and how it needed to work itself out.

Overall this series really wasn't over hyped for me surprisingly. I really really enjoyed all the different aspects of it. This is definitely a fandom I would look for items from and I will be reading Taryn's novella even though I don't like her. I will also be looking at Holly Black's other works in hopes that this author will be one of my go tos.

These pages take me places and I cannot wait to see where I go next!

All my best!


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