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I Like An Adorable Love Story. I Love A Diverse Read.

Hey hey hey my bookish friends.

I have not one but two fabulous reviews for you guys. Layering these bad boys is absolutely my new favorite thing. Catching up slowly but hey its still getting things done! So I am here to share my thoughts, feelings and of course opinions on Sara Desai's recently released The Dating Plan and her older book The Marriage Game. Both of which feature a cast of beautifully diverse character, steamy romantic moments and hilariously relatable relationships. I cannot wait to get into them with you! So we are gonna start with The Marriage Game!

The Marriage Game Breakdown!

Character development: So I think it really hard to have a lot of CD in a romance book mainly because they are normally set over such a short amount of time and have much simpler plots. But all characters in romance have some sort of growth. These two characters learned to find their complimentary traits in each other. Sam is much more tightly wound and of course Layla is prefers things a little more on the wild side.

Opposites attract obviously a 5/5 cause they were so freaking perfect.

Plot/pacing: This book was right on track in its pacing and its plot. Layla is from a Indian family all of which are trying to poke their nose into her business and find her a husband. The plot had me laughing constantly. Literally read this book in 24 hours it was so nicely structured.

Writing style: Ms. Desai's writing was so simple and lovely. Really kept the book moving while still giving nice descriptions and creating an enjoyable story. All while giving the reader a wonderful look at the Indian culture! 5/5

Story aspects: I loved how Desai showcases family dynamics in this book especially when infused with the Indian culture. Between the nosy aunties and the various suitors this book both gave insight into another heritage and was so relatable. The opposites attract story had the perfect amount of give and take all while having completely new feel.

Everyone in Layla's business leaves us with another 5!

Personal opinion: This book caught me completely off guard. I absolutely loved both Sam and Layla and their quirks. It was also the first time in a long time I didn't skim the ending of a romance book. Mainly because the endings are just buttoning up the end of the conflict. I hardly ever leave a contemporary romance wanting more from a couple but I was so excited to know the The Dating Plan was a spin off.

I cannot say that this book doesn't deserve yet another 5.

This leaves The Marriage Game with a perfect score. Again these are my ratings and that doesn't mean you will love it as much as I do but I definitely think if you enjoy contemporary romances this would be right up your alley! Next up we are gonna take a look at The Marriage Games sister story.... The Dating Plan... maybe I should say cousin as one of the main characters of this book is Layla's cousin, Daisy!

The Dating Game Review!

Character development: Similar to The Marriage Game I think that Desai has the skill to be able create likeable characters that have rich back stories. This gives her characters the ability to feel more natural and real. Both Levi and Daisy in this book have rough pasts... Daisy's including a mild betrayal by Levi's hand. Unlike The Marriage Game there were a few moments where Daisy's character rubbed me the wrong way and felt kinda whiney. While I think that her character does change I'm gonna give the development 4 outta 5 here.

Plot/pacing: 5 total here yet again. Desai is a master of keeping her reader's invested and a story moving along.

Writing style: Just like before this writing is so easy and enjoyable. I had such a hard time putting the book down! All five!

Story aspects: I really liked the chemistry between Levi and Daisy. Especially as they worked through their history as well as their individual issues. I will say compared to its sister story I did do a skim of the ending. While I liked this couple I just wasn't drawn to them like Layla and Sam.

So I gave the story's aspects a 4.

Personal opinion: Personally this story was a lot heavier then its predecessor. Both Daisy and Levi have family troubles with Levi's being fairly dark as well as one giant secret between the two that felt really... needed but unneeded. It didn't feel as natural as I wanted it to be so overall I am giving the book a 4 as well.

Even with my little issues with The Dating Game this book still falls into the Five Star category. I really really seem to enjoy Sara Desai and her story telling abilities. I find her writing so enjoyable and cannot wait for her third book, The Single's Table which comes out in November and that feels like FOREVER. But both The Marriage Game and The Dating Plan were top reads for me and I have found a new auto buy author. So overall I'm gonna thank Book of The Month Club for showing me The Dating Plan and leading me to Sara Desai!

These pages take me places and I only have maybe 12 more places to take you before I can say I can't wait to see where I go next!....Yeah.

See you next time!

Love you all and stay safe!


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