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  • Erin Haggerty

I Have Never Been So Conflicted.

Alright this title is completely true because I know exactly how I feel about Aurora Burning. This book was a wonder in and of itself and I will die if anything happened to my man. No spoilers on who because I love most of the cast equally.... BUTTTTTTT. This book was interesting in the fact that I LOVED me some Aurora Rising... but I really couldn't stand some things about Aurora Burning. Does that mean I didn't love it... No I need more now and literally can feel my soul dying.

Anyway. AB has a cast of wonderfully diverse and literally amazing characters. We all know that. But I loved that we got to see so much more of all of their selves with this book. While AR showcased them all nicely I feel like we really really really get to know them all better this book. Giving them more interactions and growing their attachments made this book feel even more heartwarming and breaking. Hands down the characterization in this book if my all time fave.

The plot of this book really became much much more intense. After the death of Cat I really thought we would slow down a little but man did the hits keep coming!!! I loved that every moment of this book felt so action packed. Not only that but I'm dying over some of the recent happening in this book... *SQUEAL* NO SPOILERS. But I am totally here for all the crazy!!!!

DISCLAIMER!!!! The audio for this book was absolutely EPIC and I cannot recommend it enough to anyone. I'm sure that Aurora Rising is constructed similar but HOLY MAKER it was the best audio I have ever graced my ears with!

Alright I try super super super to be honest in these things even when I know hardcore fans will come for me.... Two I'm sure will get me in trouble unpopular opinions about this series.... I CANNOT FOR THE LIFE OF ME GET INTO AURI'S CHARACTER. I find her annoying and I have really really been struggling with female leads who have a hard time letting anyone help them and I really really really got these vibes from Auri. Ugh. It could also be that her voice was my least fave and harsh of the audio book as well... but I felt like I was reading two different characters half the time. It felt like she was bouncing back and and forth way to much for me to find her believable in any way.... And the second... Aurora and Kal's chemistry.... I find it awful and awkward. With all of the slight romantic edges surrounding these characters I struggled very much with these two... It feels forced and it feels uncomfortable. And I wish I could peg it on something but... man I am not buying it. Sorry not sorry.

Overall Aurora Burning especially the ending took my book lust and turned it against me... This book was was solid 4.5 star read for me. Auri was not enough to keep me from giving this bad boy all the high marks. Literally cannot say enough good things about it even if I don't like the ending and need to know what's happening.... HELP ME.

These pages take me places and I cannot wait to see where I go next!

All my love!




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