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  • Erin Haggerty

Gotta Love Some Teen Angst!

Hey howdy hey ya'll!

Welcome back to another episode of Erin's Rants. Ha sorry I'm in one of those moods if you cannot tell! But this review is over a new graphic novel written by Kami Garcia entitled Teen Titans: Raven. I gotta also shot out to the illustrator as well...

1. Cause its a graphic novel and that is about 50 percent of the work involved!

2. This dude is seriously talented!

Gabriel Picolo is insanely talented and I am now stalking his instagram and y'all should to without a doubt.

Now back to why we're here.... this book is the first in this new series and it was so good. I was honestly worried picking it up because I hate when I read something that is nothing like what I have come to know character wise but this was a stellar addition to my characterization of Raven in my head and heart. We get a look at Raven's background and upbringing more in this story. We also learn much more about her powers and just how linked she is to her father. I loved getting a look at Raven in high school dealing with boys and bullies but with super powers. I also love her relationship with her foster sister and how that grew through the story. We see Raven have lesbian friends which is amazing and we see them all deal with the ups and downs of high school and its just a super relatable journey. Raven grows and begins to accept help from her new family and we also see her come out of her shell. It was a super fresh take on a person I thought I was so familiar withA wonderful story accompanied by some amazing art makes for such a solid all around book. I gave it five stars because between the two it was such a strong read and left me ready to pick up the next book (which isn't out yet) which rarely happens for me. Overall I was blown away by this read.

These pages take me places! And I cannot wait to see where I go next!!

Thanks all!




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