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Hey all!

Welcome back! Theres a lot of big things happening quickly for me and that means change which I'm not overly great at to begin with! But I'm happy to announce that over the next few days I will be uploading my first booktube and hosting a giveaway attached to that as well! I'm gonna be sending out all the prizes from the Hogwarts themed Read-a-thon I hosted last month as well my 1K Giveaway winner's books and my co hosts giveaway winners their things as well! But I will be continuing to put out a few reviews a week on here but I realized I do not have my Goodreads info anywhere on my site so that will be updated as well. As well as linked here at the end of this review!

So with out further ado!

This review covers my absolute favorite read of this summer and of 2019 at this point. Fix Her Up by Tessa Bailey has it all. I adored this book from cover to cover and was so emotional by the end of it I actually wept. Bailey does an amazing job building the base of the story with Travis and Georgie's history from way back in their childhood as well what is evolving and changing in their current relationship as well. I'm going to touch on both Travis and Georgie separately before them together as a couple.

So Georgie is adorable and simply wonderful. I loved that she was a clown but wanted more for herself as well. The desire to step out and be looked at as an equal really made me attach to her and cheer her on though the entire book. But what I loved most about her was her ability to make Travis see that his worth was based on his successes or failures. I relate to that completely as I am super hard on myself all the time. But Georgie is pure and wonderful and I literally want to be here when I grow up... whenever that happens.

Travis is so beautifully broken and damaged. He's got a delicious angst was intoxicating. But what I really loved was watching him change and begin to feel things for Georgie because was so emotional and raw. Having so much doubt in who he is and his ability to be a stand up man and all that really gave him so much depth as a character and I enjoyed it immensely. Plus the man has a filthy mouth and I live for it.

Georgie and Travis complete each other so perfectly and what's amazing is Georgie didn't need Travis and Travis didn't think he needed Georgie.... this is the type of love that rings so true. That base being a past knowledge of each other and it morphing is something so juicy and I love a good semi-forbidden romance. Not only that but seeing Travis stand up for Georgie when it comes to her family gave her the push to make the changes and grow. I love that because in a lot of ways Georgie did the same for him.

NOW! This book's steam was so hot I had to stop once or twice and just take a deep breath. Tessa Bailey knows how to write a sex scene and man. The chemistry was insane and I immensely enjoyed myself. But on a more innocent note. Bailey managed to take one of my least favorite things about romance novels... and make me love it and cry at it. I always struggle when someone has to apologize and make a large grand stand gesture to try and "save" the romance. But somehow she made Travis's declaration of love seem so real and genuine I had no emotional left in me but pure joy and admiration. It was intense.

All in all I gave Fix Her Up a solid 5 outta 5 stars. I cannot wait to read the second book in the Hot & Hammered series which release in January and centers around Rosie one of Georgie's close friend and her husband. I truly hope I enjoy that one as much as I did this one!

These pages take me places and I can't wait to see what happens next!

Thank you all! Happy Tuesday!




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