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  • Erin Haggerty

Fierce & Broken.

Hey all.

2 second break between posts! Ha. I'm trying to stay caught up which is sad since I literally didn't write reviews over the last two books of November cause I'm binging their series. *forehead smack* But I am going to fill y'all in on A Heart So Fierce & Broken by Brigid Kemmerer. I stole this ARC from a friend of mine because while I did enjoy Rhen and Harper in A Curse So Dark & Lonely.... I didn't get all the hype about it because I thought it was good but wasn't obsessed with it. The review for that is on my page so check it out if you haven't read it. But I wasn't in love with ACSDL for a couple reasons. But I was super excited to know what was going on with Grey at the end of the book and ready to know what was going down. THIS WILL HAVE SPOILERS IF YOU HAVEN'T READ ACSDL So without further ado....

A Heart So Fierce & Broken is Grey's story with his love interest Lia Mara. Overall this plot Grey coming to terms with his being true heir to Emberfall as well as us meeting Lia Mara who is Karis Luran, the queen whose trying to take over Emberfall, older daughter Lia Mara. We see Rhen try and find out the heir and that goes poorly and then Grey takes off and ends up in Syl Shallow and begins working on an alliance. Thats without getting crazy spoilery....

So. I enjoyed this book more then ACSDL which makes me feel like I should change my rating of it.... but I won't. But there were things I really disliked about this book as well. So we are gonna start with what I loved and then touch on what I wasn't crazy about.

I loved Grey and Lia Mara in this book. Their characters where so much more likeable to me then Harper and Rhen were. Mind you I enjoyed the tormented Rhen very much but Harper.... man. Anyway. Grey is loyal and truly struggles with the expectation of him being true heir to Emberfall. He doesn't want to be king and he doesn't want to hurt Rhen, but slowly comes to terms with things and begins to believe that maybe their are better ways to do things then how Rhen is doing them... more on that later. And Lia Mara is smart and well rounded as a character and while she isn't a straight bad ass or super great with a weapon or anything, she provides a sense of calm and brings a lot to the table via her knowledge of war. She is sensible and believes in peace which was a breath of fresh air with her mom being so dark and focused on war. Their slow burn is truly wonderful and I wanted nothing more then for them to just get it over and hardcore mack already. Not only that but I really liked the other minor characters in this book too Tycho and Iisak were such strong characters with their own arcs that gave even more to the story as well.

I also really enjoyed Kemmerer's writing again. She crafts such colorful and descriptive scenes. Her fight scenes are thoughtfully written and super easy to play out in my head which is so nice. And she really knows how to pull a reader's attention and keep it. I was at page 173 out of like 443 when I laid the baby down at my gig. And finished the book within an hour and half. You just become absorbed into her world and want to be there for it.

Also.... that ending..... UGH!!!! So good. I loved the way Kemmerer buttons up this book.... even if I am not a fan of what is actually happening.... I LOVED IT. Ha that sounds so oxymoronic but once you read it you'll get it!

As for what I didn't like..... SPOILER ALERT HERE... do not read if you don't want to possibly be you hear me..... DO NOT READ IF YOU DO NOT WANT A POSSIBLE SPOILER.

You still here? Cause I'm done warning you....

What I really really really struggled with..... I do not like when a writer.... makes a villain out of one of their main characters. Rhen is made into a monster in this book. And while Kemmerer tries to justify his actions with his fear of magic and him trying to protect his kingdom.... it literally made for a very mix matched feeling from the first book. Especially with the ending being what it was. While I loved the ending because it was a cliff hanger and obviously sets us up for a third book..... it felt out of character for Rhen.... the entire book didn't feel like Rhen. And I struggled with that hardcore. I have a feeling there will be a big arc that comes from Rhen come book three though so I'm putting faith into the reading gods. There are characters like The Darkling who make the switch and it feels better then this. And while I still liked The Darkling I knew his place. But another huge character switch for me was Tamlin in A Court of Thorns & Roses. By the end of the book it no longer felt like Tamlin and while I think authors really enjoy throwing their readers like this by making a character into a villain.... it can really go wrong super fast. Hopefully Rhen can figure it out cause man my heart. I'm sticking around for book three of this series because I do enjoy the books and Kemmerer's writing and I think she's got something up her sleeve.... or at least I hope she does.

So I gave this read four stars. I enjoyed a lot about this book honestly but I almost had to read it as if it was a stand alone with what I struggled with. I'm hoping to be pleasantly surprised come book three but for now I liked the book. But it wasn't what I hoped. I don't know maybe my heart just hurts cause Rhen..... ugh I don't wanna talk about it anymore. Ha.

Thanks for hopefully reading not just one but both of today's reviews!

These pages take me places and I cannot wait to see where I go next!

All my love!




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