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  • Erin Haggerty

Enchantment of....What?

Hey all!!

Welcome back! This review is over Margaret Rogerson's debut novel, Enchantment of Ravens. Buckle up this could get rough.

So I started this book with a lot of hope for it. The concept of human's "craft" or art, fashion, cooking etc etc is coveted by the far culture in this book as they cannot create themselves. These fae grant the human's wishes in return to their craft, unfortunately they are also tricky so if the human making the wish doesn't break the wish down to the absolute barest most precise declaration.... the wish can be turned against them. All the fae have unique and special to them abilities as well. And they also all belong to certain houses named after seasons. They are also reigned over by a king who is slowly letting their world fall to shambles.

There is a brief breakdown.

The story itself focuses on the foribbiden love story between Rook and Isobel. Humans and fae cannot love each other and it's punishable by death. So this story really has all making of an amazing adventure.... except for the fact that a lot of the magic system doesn't seem to make sense. The whole system really seems flawed as their magic isn't often utilized but seems to have a mind of its own as if any fae blood touches the ground it immediately sprouts flowers or trees. I'm not sure how its structured even after finishing the book. I also had major problems with the love that grew between the two main characters... there seems to be no rhyme or reason to it. The author tells you that while Isobel is painting Rook (this is how they are introduced) they interact and she begins to like him but other then that him saving her life a few times through the story we don't really find out what prompted this exchange of affection..... So they are both risking death to be together and we don't even know why..... The ending for me also caused me some love hate issues.... Isobel triumphs over all her obstacles but the whole story in the book has been orchestrated by a lesser character. Which totally has the possibility of being insanely awesome and kick ass.... except the entire book felt so rushed that you seriously get the ending as boom.... and then nothing.

I gave the read 2 stars overall. It was a debut novel that read like a novella... it felt like the beginning of the book had so much potential for it to fall flat as you got further into it. I think it really could have been an awe inspiring tale if there had been a little more polish put to it.

Oh... I also had a problem with the fact the book is entitled An Enchantment of Ravens..... Ravens being chosen purely because they are Rook's favorite this to transform into... and the wish he grants Isobel is she will see the bird before an danger befalls her or her family.... seems a little silly.... I digress.

These pages take me places and I cannot wait to see where I go next!

Thank you all for coming back or if it's your first time here WELCOME.... hope you enjoy your stay!




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