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  • Erin Haggerty

Don't Judge A Book By The Cover...

Hey all!

Hope yalls April is being kind to you and your managing with how messed up the world is currently. I am currently counting down to my would be wedding day and am trying not to be angry about anymore. It's hard. Ha. Understatement of the century for me but hey. I remind myself that I could be in a much worse situation that so many people are facing and I'm grateful for Ryan and I that is not our case. Silver linings and such.

But I am here obviously to give you a review now over what is the question. I held off on reviewing each other titles separately cause my friend Jamie ( on Insta and I rushed through them at an alarming rate. And I figured I would save myself the work and just review all four and the series at the same time. So if you don't know by now... I'm talking about the Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer! I learned the hard way that if a book is talked about and doesn't have a great cover.... it could still be an amazing book. I slept on this series and had so many friends who tried to convince me to read them and I had zero interest cause I found nothing enticing about the first set of covers. Flash forward almost a year later the new paperback editions come out and WOAH. I needed them. Impulse bought them for their beauty and felt like such an hypocrite because ... well that was ridiculous. Book buying and reading books are two different hobbies I have to remind myself.... And embarrassing as it is to admit... I LOVED this series. So here's how this is going to go. Im gonna break down my enjoyment for each book and then tell you my over thoughts for the series as a whole and your going to read it and applaud me for the life lesson I was granted. Cool? Cool.

So starting with Cinder which is based on obviously... Cinderella. One of my favorite things about this book was the fact that Meyer was able to take such a classic and breathe new life into while giving it such an interesting new feel. Cinder and Kai had nice give and take and I loved that the met early in the story versus the original tale being they never knew each other. And honestly that was the biggest separation from Cinderella in total. I loved the futuristic aspects that were created and the idea of the plague that is taking over the lands really hit home for me being what state we are in now. Not only that but the author manages to also slip some Asian influences into the story and I am here for it! But I will say that as the series continues to develop... I go back and forth on Kei and Cinder's relationship. Overall I do really enjoy what they end up having and I think that indecision on them comes more from Cinder's character ARC then anything else. Insta love for me either feels right or it doesn't and her in this book it worked well...

Now onto Scarlet! This was legit my favorite pairing in the entire series, Scarlet and Wolf were adorable and while I am not a huge fan of insta love... Meyer made the fast change in the relationship feel genuine and then carried it through the story. Keeping in mind that Wolf is basically a human/wolf hybrid and the mating bond in that species is quite intense. It was a nice touch when it comes to the story. But I think the other romantic trope we see with Scarlet and Wolf is enemies to lovers which really gave their romance another level too. I also again was in awe with how much the origin story was represented while still having it own plot. I was super invested in the knocking of this Little Red Riding retelling as its not a commonly retold story. But I was blown away. Meyer does an amazing job of still incorporating Cinder and Thorne as well giving us flashes between them, Scarlet/Wolf and even Kei. Without the story becoming disjointed... it was awesome. I will say when set next to Scarlet I did become less interested in Cinder.... that is a trend that continues through the series but doesn't take away from it for me.

Next we have Cress. Who was also one of my faves. Her and Thorne's adventures were truly quite interesting and really did fit to the ORIGINAL Rapunzel story which is lot more detailed then the more common version. And yes it does involved a desert. Anywho. Cress's story and her ability to be both helpless and helpful was endearing and I felt so connected to her character. Not only that but her and Thorne really just melted me. The ability to cover all sorts of different love stories was very appealing to me since I don't have a real fave. But Thorne and Cress were the different friends to lovers. We also see a lot of growth in our other characters through this book as well, Kei really stepped up to the plate for me in this book and I really found myself being annoyed even more with Cinder and her forever pity party. But I think that it was part of her ARC as a character and in my opinion was the only poorly written part of this series. I felt more like it was more oh woe as me versus this is an insane task of stoping this insane woman threatening everything I know and love...

Finally we have the series finale. Winter. Now.... this was not my least favorite book but she was not my favorite character, pairing or storyline. This was only plot that I think could have stayed a little bit truer to itself origin tale. I mean Winter was Snow White and had the evil stepmother, is supposed to be murdered...isn't and is told to run, is poisoned by an apple flavored treat and eventually is saved by Jacin's kiss.... But there is a lot of things that needed to happen in the overall storyline to be able to bring everything to a finish. So you see a large lag in that aspect. Now the flip side of that we see a lot in the way of the actually story. This book had the most action out of any of them and again we see a BUNCH of new character ARCs we see Levena's back story. I mean this book. had a lot in the way of original content. Meyer is able to bring the story to a close and tie everyone into a nice little bow and it feels like a good and right ending for all of the characters involved except Winter... I wasn't thrilled by her character and while a lot hinged on her presence and who she was... I felt very disconnected from her and Jacin even. I did however really enjoy the evolution of their relationship. Between their friends to lovers and duty over love plot lines it was so wonderfully to see them end up having what they wanted. But I really feel like I didn't have much in the way of who they were.

Obviously I tried not to be too spoilery as usual. There is a lot of components to the plot that I didn't mention or touch on cause again. Spoilers. But this series was throughly constructed and managed to take so many classics and take them to a place all their own. Overall I gave this series a four and half star rating. I felt like Marissa Meyer really put a lot of her self into this while stay true to where the inspiration came from. The juggling of all the components deserves praise and I think there is a lot going on in just the moon plague evil queen aspects let along taking on not one but four retellings on top of it all. This was a fun and super enjoyable series that you will hear me singing the praises of until quarantine is over. I speed through it and loved every minute of it. Highly highly suggest these if you need something to break up the days!!

I hope once again you all are home safe and healthy. This is a scary time for us all and its so so so important to be mindful of not just yourself but the people in the world around you. Readers are given the amazing ability to be able to project ourselves into millions of worlds and become someone new and different for a while. I will always be so grateful for that alone since right now I'm home and in need of constant distraction. I will be sending you all extra good vibes and well wishes until this is over!!

These pages take me places and I cannot wait to see where we go next!!

All my love!




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